It's Raining Men

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The Trouble With Normal Is It Always Gets Worse

Previously on Felicity: Knoll screamed from the rooftops that he got the job in Seattle; Felicity suggested that they "TP" the library to annoy Richard; Ben and Knoll argued about Ben's relationship with Avery; Ben confessed to Felicity that Avery kissed him; Knoll macked on Felicity in the library.

Picking up where last week's episode left off, Felicity runs out of the library with Knoll in hot pursuit. He apologizes, acknowledging that his behaviour was "insensitive" and that he had no right to kiss her. Without breaking stride, Felicity says she wants to forget it happened -- something she probably has in common with most women Knoll kisses. He thinks that they should talk about it, and forces her to stop walking. He thinks that "all this rage and resentment" she's feeling for him "will one day come to the surface and explode" if they don't discuss what happened. Geez, you'd think he was talking about me. Yeah, I hate the character, Knoll Crane. No, I don't hate Scott Foley. I don't give him a second thought, most of the time. All the Knoll lovers need to get off my back. You could start by reading the FAQ, preferably before you email me your indignant sputterings. Though I'm happy to discover that the ranks of the Knoll supporters are thinning, mostly due to his ridiculous behaviour in the third season. Anyway, Felicity takes the opportunity to remind Knoll for the millionth time that she loves Ben and is dating Ben, and that she doesn't harbour any lingering feelings for Knoll. Suddenly, after her speech, Knoll wants to "drop it." Felicity protests that it "feels weird" to drop it. Knoll reminds her that she was the one who didn't want to talk about it in the first place. Felicity says she doesn't like the way she feels, and she doesn't know how to be "normal" with him anymore. Knoll babbles about not knowing what is normal when he's with her. She says that being friends is what should be normal for them. He admits that he doesn't remember the last time he thought of her only as a friend. She thinks that perhaps the last year has been a lie, in that case. He mutters, "Maybe it has." Felicity looks away and is clearly distraught. She turns around and walks off, leaving Knoll in the middle of the sidewalk, on his own. I have to say I'm pleased that whenever a male character makes an uninvited move on a female character, he usually always pays a price, in one way or another. To name a few incidents, Richard got booted in the head when he grabbed Elena's boobs and way back in the first season, the guy who date-raped Julie got kicked out of school.

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