Moving On

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Moving On

Previously on Felicity: Noel's brother confessed that he suffers from depression, and Noel denied that he does, too. Then, Noel decided to visit a shrink. Ben told Felicity that he loved her, but he doesn't deserve to be cheated on.

Felicity is working at Dean & Deluca, helping a customer, when Ben appears behind her in the window and stands there, looking at her for a moment. He finally walks in, reporting for his shift, and apologizes for being late. Felicity softly tells him that it's okay, and then stares after him as he goes into the back room. She's still staring when a customer comes up to the counter and complains that his latte was made with whole milk instead of 2%. Felicity politely assures him that she made it herself, and that it definitely contains 2%, but the customer insists that he can tell it's whole milk. Ben notices the problem, so he walks up and claims to be the manager. The customer explains that he can "taste the fat globules." Ben pretends to sympathize, and then gives the customer his money back, so that the customer can go buy his latte somewhere else. The customer claims that he won't come back to Dean & Deluca, but Ben doesn't really care, because the guy is a jerk. The customer leaves; Felicity thanks Ben for bailing her out, and chuckles. Ben says that he's been meaning to talk to her, and that he should have called, since he said that he would. He asks how Felicity is doing, and there is some awkward conversation until Felicity asks if he wants to get together and talk. Ben agrees. Felicity invites him over to her place, since they have a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers. Ben thinks that sounds great. Felicity walks into the back room, and Ben stands there thinking things over for a minute, before following her. He tells Felicity that he doesn't think coming to her apartment is the best idea. He concludes, "I've been thinking a lot, and I think we need to move on." Felicity gives a disappointed "oh. Okay." She heaves a huge sigh as Ben tells her that he thinks it's the best thing for both of them. Ben says he needs to get back to work. Felicity stands there, looking incredibly saddened and somewhat sick.

The camera pans up Javier's body as he wakes up. He was sleeping on the couch in Felicity's and Elena's apartment. He sits up and shoves his feet into enormous yellow fuzzy slippers, and then walks stiffly into the kitchen, where Elena and Felicity are eating breakfast. Javier claims that the couch is going to make a hunchback out of him, before noticing that Elena and Felicity look sad; he asks what's wrong. Elena explains that Ben wants to move on. Javier thinks that means Ben wants to get a new apartment, so Elena explains that Ben thinks that he and Felicity should see other people. Javier is not happy to hear this, and Elena says that she's going to tell Ben to get a new Chemistry tutor. Felicity doesn't want that. Javier puts some bread in the toaster as he says that even while her heart is breaking, Felicity is an angel. Felicity reminds him that if she were actually an angel, none of this would be happening. Elena advises Felicity to stay busy, since that's what helped her get through her breakup with Tracy. Well, that and Trevor, who is mysteriously absent from this episode. Felicity says she's going to the art studio to paint. Javier reminds her that they are supposed to go see A Streetcar Named Desire. Felicity isn't sure that she still wants to go. Javier needs Felicity to come to protect him from this widow in his Drama class who has "this huge crunch on [him]." Elena is incredulous, so Javier points out that a lot of women like gay men more than they like straight men. Felicity pipes up, "I know I do right now." Javier asks what he's supposed to do if the widow asks him out, and Elena tells him to say no. Javier says that he can't, because "she's so sad, like a puppy dog with one of those big cones on them." Javier begs Felicity to come with him, and makes a sad puppy dog face of his own, minus the cone. Felicity agrees to come, and then gets up to go to the studio. Javier sits down at the table with Elena, toast in hand, and says that he has to do something about Felicity and Ben, because he "can't just sit here like a bump on a frog." Javier takes a big sniff of his toast and says, "Oh, God. I wish I could have this." Then, he sets the toast aside. That whole bit of business with the toast cracked me up. And it's nice continuity, since Javier has mentioned previously that he's on a low-carb diet.

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