My Best Friend's Wedding

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My Best Friend's Wedding

Previously on Felicity: Ben yelled at Felicity because he's taking eighteen credits, and the printer wouldn't work. Felicity apologized for being late, and Ben went to play basketball. In other words, they weren't communicating very well. Felicity confessed her fears to Noel and then they made out. No, they really did.

This episode begins a few (and knowing Noel, I do mean a few) minutes after the last one ended. Felicity sits up, clearly naked, at least from the waist up. Noel sits up, and (ewwww!) pulls up his pants. Felicity finds her dress and puts it on, and Noel does likewise. Noel asks whether she's okay, and Felicity hurriedly pulls on her coat. Wait, it was cold enough that she needed a coat, and yet they were naked? I don't know. Felicity starts searching frantically for a missing earring, and Noel grabs her and assures her that everything is going to be okay. Felicity quietly says that she doesn't think it is. She walks away, then turns and asks Noel whether he could wait five minutes before coming downstairs. So, if Noel thought that perhaps this would be the beginning of some long-lasting relationship, his hopes were just dashed. Felicity leaves, and Noel sits down to wait.

Felicity enters the loft from the elevator. I guess they have a freight elevator or something that goes directly from the loft up to the roof, and then there's a separate elevator out in the common hallway that comes up from the lobby. Also, in addition to the shearling coat that Felicity was wearing, she had on flip-flops. That's some crazy-ass weather they were having. Felicity grabs her things and quietly starts to sneak out of the loft, but just as she opens the door to leave, she meets Ben coming in. Ben tells her that he was being a jerk earlier, and apologizes. Felicity hears the elevator going back up to the roof, and looks panic-stricken and guilty. Ben says that he got some food, and invites her to stay and talk. Felicity is trying to make a fast getaway, so she makes the excuse that she's not feeling well and wants to go back to the dorm and sleep.

Noel arrives in the loft, and pretends he didn't know they were there, because he was "just up at the roof, hanging out." His hair is all messed up. Noel and Felicity say hello to each other like they didn't just have sex. Well, if Ben was looking at Felicity's face at all, he would be able to tell that there's some funny business going on, but he was looking at the floor. Noel makes some stupid excuse to leave, and walks off. Ben asks Felicity whether she's still upset, and Felicity says that she is just tired and needs to get some sleep. Ben tells her to feel better, and Felicity walks off. Ben looks after her, clearly knowing that something is off, but lets it go. Felicity walks out into the hall, then stops and half-turns, like she's going to go back inside and talk to Ben, or Noel, or something. Or maybe the enormity of what she just did hits her. After a long pause, she continues on her way out.

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