My Best Friend's Wedding

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My Best Friend's Wedding

Sean asks Meghan why she talks about sleeping with Tracy all the time, because now that's all Sean can think about when he sees Tracy. Meghan focuses on the fact that Sean doesn't think she could get Tracy. Sean tells her, "You say things without thinking, and it's hurtful." Meghan ignores him. You know a minute ago, when I thought Meghan was wearing a nightgown? Apparently, it's a dress, because she's also wearing tiny plastic babies as earrings. I don't know. Meghan asks Sean whether he wants to bet on it. Sean doesn't want to bet on breaking up a marriage. Meghan sets out the terms: it would be a kiss, for five seconds, full on the lips, and the loser has to be the winner's servant for a day. Sean refers to Tracy as "the God-fearing Christian who, by the way, won't even sleep with his own fiancée." Oh, so they'll bring up the religion thing in the context of this argument, but when it comes to having an officiant at the ceremony, it doesn't enter into the equation. Anyway, Sean asks how they would prove it, and Meghan answers, "Honor code." Sean figures he can't lose, and takes the bet. Meghan and Sean call each other losers. Yeah, they're so in love.

Noel shows up at Felicity's apartment with "the stuff," which is apparently a variety of concoctions designed to get rid of hickeys. When I was in high school, the big method of getting rid of them (which I don't recommend) was brushing them with a dry toothbrush. I think the thought behind it was that it would force the pooled blood (because it's basically a bruise) to get moving, but really all it did was irritate the skin and make things worse. And then everyone told their moms that it was a burn from their curling iron. Because, so often, you're trying to curl your neck. Anyway. Felicity tries various treatments, but none of them work. She's very upset, and Noel is very calm. Felicity sits down on the bed, and says, "Noel. I love Ben." Noel's face falls. Felicity wonders whether she should just tell Ben. Noel doesn't think that's a good idea. Felicity decides to try some more of the stuff Noel bought. Are these two ever going to talk about what happened? Apparently not.

Elena and Tracy practice waltzing. Aw, they're cute. Tracy keeps goofing around, and Elena giggles. They kiss, and Tracy reaches over and locks the door. Tracy tells Elena that it's time for "waltzing horizontally." Wow, how romantic. Elena says that she thought they had to be married for that, and Tracy responds that the Lord knows they're getting married, and the Lord is psyched. Elena points out that they've been engaged for three months, and wonders why it's suddenly okay to have sex now? Seriously. I know a lot of couples who had, um, relations before they got married, but then called a moratorium for some specified period of time before the wedding to make the honeymoon that much more exciting. Of course, most of them didn't make it. But that's another story entirely. It seems like if they've waited this long, they might as well wait another week. Tracy asks what's going on with Elena, and Elena says that they're running late and have to go to rehearsal, then pulls Tracy out the door.

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