My Best Friend's Wedding

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My Best Friend's Wedding

The rehearsal must be over, and I think it's the next day. Noel asks Sean whether he should apply for a job as a sales assistant for a porn web site. Sean thinks that would be "babe city." Ben walks in, and Sean asks the boys whether they would rather get a mix CD or a fortune cookie as a favor at a wedding. I would totally go for the cookie, because I can make my own damn CDs. Both boys go for the CD. Sean tells them that he's going with the cookie, because the CDs are too expensive. Plus, the wedding is, like, the next day, and there's no way he would have time to make all those CDs. Sean "borrows" Noel's laptop and runs off.

Ben asks to speak to Noel for a second. They sit down, and Noel has a panicked look on his face. Ben asks Noel whether he knows what's going on with Felicity, and whether she has said anything about them to Noel. Aw. It's so sad that Ben has to go to Noel to try to find out information on his girlfriend. Noel insists that Felicity only talked about how much she missed Ben while he was gone, and that he only saw her for that minute in the loft the other night. Ben just looks sad; Noel makes the excuse that Sean has his computer, and runs off guiltily.

Meghan pulls Tracy into the bathroom and shuts the door on the excuse of having him choose ribbon for the wedding in good light. Tracy tries to get out quickly, but Meghan has some sort of tingly lip gloss, and cons Tracy into trying it out, saying that it might be a good surprise for Elena on the wedding night. After Tracy gives it a perfunctory try, Meghan tries to kiss him, but Tracy stops her. Meghan claims that the only way to get the full effect is to kiss. Tracy stammers an excuse and runs out the door.

Sean is on the phone with the fortune cookie vendor, when Felicity comes to the door; he lets her in. It's really dumb that the vendor is arguing about the message Sean wants, because if Sean is paying, he can get whatever damn message he wants on there. Then again, knowing Sean, he's probably not paying. Felicity is wearing a sleeveless turtleneck. She wants to see Ben, but Ben's not home. Sean advises Felicity to leave Ben a note, because he has to go meet with the fortune cookie vendor. As Felicity writes a note, the phone rings and the machine picks up: "Hey, Ben. It's Janet. I was just thinking about you. I drove by our motel the other day. It made me sad you weren't still here! I really miss you. Anyway, that's why I'm calling. My transfer was approved. I'm starting at Columbia in two weeks." Felicity listens to this message with growing interest.

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