My Best Friend's Wedding

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My Best Friend's Wedding

At the loft, Richard is still talking about his band potentially providing music at the reception. Noel is looking through CDs for songs to play, and trying to get Richard to shut up. Richard says that it must be killing Noel, since he can't tell anyone that he "finally had Felicity, and [he feels] great." Noel says that he didn't "have" Felicity, and for a minute, I hold out hope that they didn't actually have sex, despite the nudity in the opening scene. Richard calls Noel a romantic, and "so noble," and that he wishes Felicity could see this side of Noel. Richard loves Noel so much.

Ben walks in, and Richard really obviously takes his leave. Ben offers the boys a beer, like with an alcoholic father, you'd think Ben would think twice about drowning his sorrows in beer, but who am I to judge, really? Noel asks how it's going, and Ben says, "Not so good. Broke up last night." He opens up three bottles of beer, even though Richard already left. Noel looks sick and says he's sorry. Ben hands him a beer, then sits down on the couch, dejected.

Elena walks into the apartment and asks Meghan whether she tried to kiss Tracy. Meghan nonchalantly admits that she did, and Elena can't believe that Meghan isn't even denying it. Meghan says it was just "a stupid bet," and Elena asks what Meghan would do if Elena tried to sleep with Sean. Meghan laughs at the suggestion, and then clarifies that she was only trying to get Tracy to kiss her. Meghan concludes, "Don't blame me for your obvious panic about getting married, which is totally justified, by the way." And in going with the out-of-character actions this week, the Elena we know and love would be so much angrier about this. Remember when she kicked Richard across the room for making a move on her? Yeah. Elena is only slightly indignant right now. Meghan says that Elena is only marrying Tracy so that she can have sex. Elena thinks Meghan has never been more wrong. Meghan asks Elena whether she "actually thinks that if [Elena] and Tracy were having sex on a regular basis, [they] would still be getting married." Not at all angrily, Elena says, "You're disinvited to the wedding." Meghan huffs that Elena owes her for "that hideous bridesmaids dress," and stomps out. Elena continues to look more perplexed than angry. And maybe you could argue that Elena wasn't that mad, because deep down she knew that Meghan was onto something, but then why was she perplexed at the end? I kind of hate this episode. It's so clearly designed to get rid of the actors that have other shows and set the season's story lines in motion. Ugh.

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