My Best Friend's Wedding

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My Best Friend's Wedding

Felicity visits Tracy's aunt and uncle. They don't get names, so I'm just going to call them Aunt Mabel and Uncle Floyd. I don't know why. Uncle Floyd asks Felicity what she's going to say at the ceremony, and Felicity explains that she doesn't know, and she was hoping they could give her some insights on love. Floyd points out that love is a big topic. Felicity asks what the secret is to staying married so long. Mabel and Floyd alternate answering that the secret is forgiveness and a bad memory. Mabel says that people make mistakes and do a lot of things in fifty years, but you get past it and it makes your relationship stronger. Floyd concludes, "That's the thing about the heart. It gets stronger the more you use it." Felicity smiles and tells them that they have no idea how good that is to hear.

Toni Pavone asks Felicity whether she thinks Floyd and Mabel are right. Felicity hopes so, but she's not sure that Ben could ever forgive her. Dr. Pavone asks, if Ben did forgive her, would it solve all her problems? Felicity admits that it wouldn't, and Dr. Pavone asks why not. Felicity says that she would still feel bad about what she did. Dr. Pavone wants to know if that's it, and Felicity clarifies that she would feel terrible. Dr. Pavone says that Felicity doesn't want to let go of the guilt, because then she would have to see what's underneath, and guilt is a lot more sympathetic. Dr. Pavone is like the Dr. Phil of the WB. Felicity insists that she's not feeling guilty to get sympathy, and that she did a horrible thing and deserves to feel guilt. Dr. Pavone says she didn't know what a frightened person Felicity is, and that she's too frightened to look in the drawer. Felicity frustratedly asks whether this is about the drawer. Dr. Pavone says that Felicity has a problem that's not going to go away by itself. Felicity resignedly asks who is in the drawer. Dr. Pavone asks if it's definitely a person. Felicity says no, and then sighs heavily and adds, "You think it's Noel." Dr. Pavone simply says, "You chose him for a reason." Felicity points out that Noel is her best friend. Dr. Pavone counters that Felicity could have gone to any friend, or even (God forbid!) her boyfriend. Dr. Pavone adds that Felicity slept with Noel, and that she's been "dancing around this for years." Dr. Pavone concludes, "You want to be with Ben, but you also want to be with Noel. Am I wrong?" Felicity just glares at Dr. Pavone and doesn't answer. Seriously. I don't care how much Dr. Pavone charges. I don't care that she's fictional. I want her to be my therapist.

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