One Ball, Two Strikes

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Previously on Felicity: Sean had a sore nut; Felicity was really, really sorry for spending the night with Randy; Knoll saw a photo of a scantily clad Richard with his arm around Jason.

At Dean & Deluca, Javier tells Knoll that he thinks his Humanities professor has a little "crunch" on him, because she gives him sultry looks (which he demonstrates) whenever she says "oral exams." Knoll is rather nonplussed and tells Javier, "Say you had a friend and you found out he was gay..." Javier excitedly asks if he's talking about Ben. Knoll reflects for a moment and then says he isn't. Javier is somewhat deflated by the news. Heh, Ben is pretty crunch-worthy, indeed. Knoll says that he isn't going to mention who he's talking about and Javier matter-of-factly says, "Oh, it's Richard." Knoll protests that it isn't Richard and wonders if he should tell his "friend" that he knows he's gay. Javier advises, "Don't say a thing to Richard." Knoll protests some more and Javier gives him a 'yeah, right' look and continues, "When he's ready to come out of that walk-in closet of his, he will, on his own reconnaissance, reeking of cedar." Knoll thinks his "friend" might be worried that he won't be accepted if he comes out. Javier suggests telling Richard, or, uh, Knoll's "friend" that Knoll will be his friend, "no matter what."

Docuventary clip: Knoll is on the street, explaining to Sean why he went to talk to Javier. Knoll says that when Richard showed up, he started trying to convince Knoll that he was straight, again.

Knoll and Richard are seated at a table and Richard begins telling him about a girl he's known for a long time and how he wants to take their relationship to another level. He mentions how smart she is and her terrific "boombas." Knoll listens impassively then he tells Richard that he is a friend and he always will be. Richard wants to know why Knoll has been acting so strangely, so Knoll blurts out that he knows that Richard is gay because he saw the photo in Jason's room. Richard gets very angry, denies that he's gay, and stomps away. Javier comes by the table, says, "I told you," and gives Knoll a backhander to the shoulder before walking away.

At the loft, Sean is gazing at himself in the mirror. Meghan asks when his appointment is and he tells her it's at 3:15 and that he's meeting Felicity in twenty minutes. Meghan wants to know if he's nervous and he responds that he isn't because he likes Felicity. Meghan won't play along and asks whether he wants her to go along with him. He claims that he isn't nervous because the surgery is only exploratory and that he'll be okay. Ben comes in and Sean asks him to do a five-minute interview. Ben refuses and skulks to his room. Sean complains that Ben has been like that for a week. Meghan asks, "How would you feel if you saw a picture of me on the Internet, naked and drunk? You wouldn't be surprised?" Sean says, "Not really, no." Meghan says, "You'd kinda like it." Sean grins and agrees. Meghan tells him to have a good appointment and kisses him goodbye.

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