One Ball, Two Strikes

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Docuventary clip: Felicity has an easel set up in the spacious living room of her apartment. She's working on a drawing, which so far consists of a man who is running. She explains to Sean that she's doing it for an exhibition and that it will be for sale. Sean mentions that she seems distracted and wonders if it's about Ben. Felicity doesn't want to answer that question because she thought the interview was going to be about the exhibit. She relents and explains that Ben asked for some space and she's trying to give it to him.

At Dean & Deluca, things are hopping and Ben and Javier are working behind the counter. Ben wants Javier to ask Felicity to refill a particular blend of coffee because he's really busy. It sounds like he's asking for "Soho Blend" but the closed captioning indicates that it is "Subtle Blend." Not being much of a coffee drinker, I have no idea what he's saying. Maybe it's his pesky Canadian accent that's throwing me. Javier refuses to be a go-between and tells him to talk to Felicity himself. Then he announces that he's taking a break and he gives Ben some snaps right in his face.

Ben enters the storeroom where Felicity is putting away stock. She's struggling with a heavy box and Ben offers to help her. She asks him if he wants to go out for dinner that night and he replies that he'll be playing basketball with Sean. Felicity wonders whether Sean will be up to it after his doctor's appointment and the discussion devolves into the nothing-happened-but-you-spent-the-night-with-him-she-said-he-said argument, again. Eventually, Ben leaves and Felicity stands there with her yap hanging open.

Javier is describing, to Richard, a job he had at a bakery in Spain. One day he had a cake made up with "Your son is gay" written on it and he planned to present it to his parents after dinner because if they freaked and kicked him out, he'd at least have cake to eat. Richard demands, "Javier, why are you telling me this?" Javier continues, "Listen, so that night, I'm really nervous, you know, all throughout dinner, then finally it's time for dessert. I go to the kitchen, I get the box, I put it on the table, I open it up with grand flourish, and the cake says, 'Happy 83rd Birthday Maria." Richard interrupts, "Why are you telling me a gay story?" Javier says, "Ah, okay. Anyway, P.S., Maria Mendoza that night had a stroke. God bless her soul. I tell my parents flat out that I'm gay. And they're like, 'Uh, duh?' but in Spanish. It has a different meaning. And they're like, 'Jorta, we love you exactly the way you are.'" Richard is increasingly perturbed and Javier tells him that everyone loves him. Richard gets up to leave and Javier shouts after him to not be angry at Knoll.

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