One Ball, Two Strikes

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Like a Virgin

Docuventary clip: Sean runs through traffic and almost gets hit by a taxi to cross the street to where Elena and Tracy are kissing goodbye. Tracy is going with his church group to build a Habitat for Humanity house in Yonkers. He tells Sean that Elena has offered to do his share of a Sociology project that is due on Monday. Tracy claims that he'd do the same for her as they nuzzle each other. Sean says that they're "so in love," which prompts Elena to get a sick look on her face. Hey, Godboy, what's with getting your girlfriend to do your homework? That's like cheating, isn't it?

Cut to Elena getting her toenails painted by Molly. Elena wonders aloud whether she's in love. Molly asks whether she is and Elena answers that "half of [her] is." Okay, insert crude joke about whether it's the half that eats. Elena that the other half of her "is in trouble" because she's interested in Finn, a.k.a. Towel Boy. Molly muses that the waiting-until-marriage thing must be really frustrating. Elena claims that she'd still feel that way even if she were sleeping with Tracy. There's the sound of a door buzzer and Molly gets up to answer it. It's Finn, and he wants to know what Elena's plans are for the night. She stammers that even though she led him on before, she's seeing someone and can't get involved with him. Finn drops the bomb that he is Tracy's Sociology partner and he wants to know when they'll be getting together to begin work.

Felicity walks out of a school building and spies Randy sitting outside at a table. She goes over to his table and he says, "Uh oh. I already told my brothers that nothing happened." Geez, I thought that I had big white teeth and a pronounced overbite. That old Randy could almost eat an apple through a picket fence. Plainly, Eliza Dushku from Buffy the Vampire Slayer got all the looks in that family. Anyway, Felicity explains that Ben saw the email and is convinced that she and Randy had sex. She begs him to speak to Ben about what really happened. Randy is skeptical that Ben would even listen to him, but he eventually agrees after Felicity desperately blathers about loving Ben and not knowing what else to do.

At the loft, Richard barges in and bellows at Knoll, "You talked to Javier? And told him I'm gay?" Meghan, who is at the counter, deadpans, "That's a shock." Richard shouts, "I'm not gay!" Knoll asks, "How do you explain the picture?" Dude, getting your photo taken with a homosexual doesn't make you gay. If you're looking for evidence, how about the fact that Richard worships you and seems to hate women? Richard explains that he and Jason worked together in Florida. He admits, "Maybe Jason had feelings for me, but I did not return the sentiment, not in any way." Jason had the hots for both Richard and Knoll? The hell? Clearly, he's never met Ben. Meghan pipes up that she thinks that Richard is being "very defensive." Knoll tells her to leave, but Richard says she can stay. Richard claims that he's not gay, he's a virgin. Hey, that's not a mutually exclusive thing, y'know. There are gay virgins, too. He confesses that he's never even kissed a girl, which Knoll seems to find hard to believe. Dude, have you two met? Richard says that he's been afraid to tell anyone because he thought people would laugh, which is, of course, exactly what Meghan is doing. Knoll sharply reprimands her and Richard says, "That's it, I'm outta here," as he runs out. Meghan keeps laughing then says, "I'm sorry, I wish I felt compelled to apologize, but I don't."

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