One Ball, Two Strikes

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Like a Virgin

Felicity barges into Ben's room with a declaration that he can't keep treating her "like this." He thinks it's funny that she should say that to him. She finds out that Randy ran into Ben and his fists at Epstein Bar and asks whether Ben hurt him. Ben flips and smashes the lamp and shouts, "Don't defend him! Don't start defending him to me! All right?!?" Felicity's mouth flaps open a few times and then she slams out of the room.

Meghan goes outside to find Sean sitting on the front step. She tells him that the doctor called about the surgery. Sean states that the doctor doesn't know what he's talking about and that he wants another opinion. Meghan reminds him that he got two opinions and both were warnings not to "screw around." Sean says he's not going to have the operation because he is too young and healthy. It seems to me those are two very good reasons in favour of having the surgery, but what do I know? Meghan launches into a speech about not wanting Sean to end up a story she tells about loving someone who had a chance to get better and didn't take it. She tells him to wake up because he can't dream that he's going to get better like he dreams about business success. Through her tears, she begs him to have the operation as a favour to her, if he can't think of any other reason to go through with it. Sean realizes that he's been a dink and they fall into each other's arms. It is a very tender moment between them.

Docuventary clip: at the loft, Sean turns the camera on himself to discuss his surgery and the fact that he'll return from the hospital with "fifty percent less testicles" than he currently has. He thinks this could be one of the last Thursday nights he ever sees. Don't worry about it, Sean. You've always been ballsy enough for ten men.

It's the morning after and Elena and Finn wake up after crashing on separate beds. Elena wakes him up and they kiss fairly passionately.

Felicity is on the phone in the kitchen saying, "He didn't stay at the hospital? Uh, I'll call back later." Elena stumbles out and confesses to kissing Finn, which causes Felicity to catch a few flies before telling her about Ben and Randy's fight.

Ben walks into the loft carrying a basketball and Sean asks him to sit down for a few minutes. Sean gives him his grandfather's pen because he wants Ben to have it in case Sean doesn't pull through the surgery. Ben tries to refuse the pen but finally accepts it after some cajoling. Sean then inquires whether Ben will be going to the art exhibition that night. When Ben replies that he won't be going, Sean gets mad and says that he can see that Ben is angry and out of control. Ben tries to defend his reasons for beating up Randy, and Sean demands the pen back. Ben says that he never wanted the pen anyway. Sean points out that Ben is taking out his anger on Felicity and that he shouldn't throw away their relationship over one drunken night. He says he wants to hide from his problems like Ben is, but instead he's going to reach out to his close friends. He offers the pen again, and Ben takes it.

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