One Ball, Two Strikes

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Like a Virgin

Elena goes over to Finn's place to tell him to forget about their kiss because she has a boyfriend and before you know it, they're in a clinch and the door has closed behind them.

Meghan, Felicity, and Ben return to the loft and Meghan says that it will be Ben's job to help Sean go to the bathroom when he gets home. Ben says he won't do it so Meghan says they'll have to hire someone because she has to draw the line somewhere. Oh Meghan, of all the things you have to do for someone when you love him or her, that is not even the most distasteful, but you'll find that out one day. Anyway, she leaves, and Ben tells Felicity that he wants things "to go back to the way they were." Felicity says she wants that too, and she asks him to believe her. He doesn't say anything, so she goes to pack up her books and she notices her drawing is in the loft. Ben tells her that he bought it because it's just like him, "running into walls, like an idiot," and that he loves it. They have a tearful reconciliation and he tells her that she's the only person he can trust.

Knoll is still at Tyra's place and he's about to set up her email account. She has to enter her password, which she looks up in her personal organizer. She gets a phone call and leaves the room. Knoll works at the computer and then he snoops in her organizer for her password.

At the loft, Felicity tells Ben a few things she wants from the store and he leaves to go get them. When he's on the street, a bunch of frat boys jump Ben and beat him senseless while Randy looks on.

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