Oops…Noel Did It Again

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Oops...Noel Did It Again

Previously on Felicity: Ben's father asked Ben to forgive him. Ben refused to do that, and his father said that he loved him. Richard discovered Felicity's hickey, and figured out that Noel and Felicity hooked up.

Felicity sits on her bed in her pajamas, covering her eyes while Ben drags something in front of her, wrapped in newspaper. It's Felicity's birthday present. Aw, don't give me cute Ben and Felicity scenes when I know that everything is going to go horribly wrong soon. That's just mean. Felicity says that her birthday is tomorrow, and Ben's face falls, but then he reveals that he did know that, but he wanted to give her the present early. Felicity rips off the paper to reveal a Flexible Flyer wooden sled. Ben explains that it's got all the original decals on it. Felicity loves it, and can't wait for it to snow. Ben says that it did snow in Vermont, and he was thinking that they could go up for the weekend. Felicity asks whether Ben has class, but Ben says that he already asked Trevor to take notes for him. Would you want Trevor taking notes for you? Ben really needs to team up with someone much smarter than he is. Felicity says that she has to run a critique for Cavallo, but that they can leave right after. Ben agrees, and they start smooching.

The phone rings, and a sleepy Sean interrupts Ben and Felicity, saying that the call is for Ben. Ben jokes that he shouldn't worry about knocking or anything, and then leaves the room to take the call. Sean sits down next to Felicity and explains that he and Meghan were up until 3 AM trying to think of a name for their business. Sean asks Felicity whether she likes "Meghanlomania" or "Seanshirts" better. Felicity says she's going to stay out of it. I think they both suck, and I'm starting to understand why none of Sean's business ventures succeed. Sean insists that "Seanshirts" is better, because "Meghanlomania" is "impossible to say." Sean leaves, just as Ben returns, finishing his call. Felicity asks what's up, and Ben says that it was some woman who claims that Mr. "Jack Tripper" Covington is her AA sponsor, and also that Jack is "back in the hospital." Felicity asks whether Jack is in a New York hospital, and for what reason. Ben explains that his dad is in New York, with liver failure, and wants to see Ben. Felicity asks whether Ben is going, and how sick Jack is, and whether he will get better. Ben doesn't know, and he sighs heavily. What is Jack doing in a New York hospital? Did he just never go home after his last appearance in Ben's life? I don't know.

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