Oops…Noel Did It Again

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Oops...Noel Did It Again

Felicity says something to Noel about his job interviews, and Noel confesses that he got a job. Felicity is happy for him, and asks why he seems upset. Noel says that maybe Felicity should sit down. Felicity does, and asks what's going on. Noel paces for a minute. Felicity tells him to hurry up because he's freaking her out. Noel tells Felicity that he saw Ben with a woman. Felicity is relieved, and explains that it was Lauren. Noel's not finished. He explains that he got into an argument with Ben, because it's Felicity's birthday and she shouldn't be alone, and he thought that Ben was cheating on Felicity, and he freaked out. Noel concludes, "And I told him -- I told him about us." Felicity asks what Noel is talking about, and Noel says, "I told him we slept together." Felicity's face falls, and I know I say that all the time, but it really does. Felicity whispers, "Why would you do that?" Noel lies, "It just came out." That is a LIE! The first part just came out, and then he totally had time to reflect before the rest of it. Noel apologizes, but Felicity has put her head down and started crying, so Noel leaves. I hope he feels terrible.

A familiar song starts playing. Maybe they've used it on this show before? Ben walks into his father's hospital room. Jack is hooked up to a ventilator. Ben enters and says hello to his father, who can't talk because of the tube in his throat, but expresses disgust anyway, at what Ben allowed to be done. Ben says he knows that Jack didn't want it, but the doctor said that there's a chance that Jack could get better. Ben admits that he was hoping to have some time with his father. Jack looks surprised, and then sad. Fade to black.

Next week: Meghan thinks that it's "about time" that Felicity slept with Noel. Various couples smooch; it looks like Noel and some blonde lady, Sean and Meghan, and Elena and...Trevor? Felicity chases Ben down the street in the pouring rain and calls out, "I love you!" Ben turns and says that he's starting to hate that word. Ugh. I can't take this. I hope Noel gets swept into the sewer and drowns.

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