Oops…Noel Did It Again

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Oops...Noel Did It Again

Felicity nervously starts her critique session while Cavallo watches. Apparently, the assignment was to draw a spoon. Felicity explains that she did it as a freshman. Felicity picks out one drawing, which is of a face instead of a spoon. The artist apologizes for not following the letter of the assignment. Felicity likes it anyway. Cavallo notes that it didn't fulfill the requirements of the assignment. Felicity argues that the artist went beyond the requirements. Cavallo isn't having it, and takes over the critique while Felicity looks embarrassed, but tries to cover.

Elena returns to her suite and hears voices inside. When she opens the door, she finds Richard moving a big plant around for...the two annoying freshman women, who are moving in. Their names are Tammy and Gaby, and they're moving in. I'm just going to refer to them collectively as The Tabbies unless it's necessary to figure out which is which. I hope that it won't be. The Tabbies introduce themselves to Elena, who asks what the hell is going on. I guess they moved all of Elena's stuff into a new room and put it exactly as it was in her old room. I don't know why. I'm not going to try to figure it out. The Tabbies explain that "Richard's friend, Noel" assigned them the rooms. Richard comments that sometimes he wonders why he's still friends with Noel, and then Noel brings pretty women into Richard's life. The Tabbies scatter. Richard comments to Elena that The Tabbies are "fine fillies waiting to be tamed." Elena looks, as you would expect, disgusted. I hope she kicks some ass later. Techno music plays loudly in the background as Elena examines the clothes in her closet.

Felicity hesitantly walks into Cavallo's office. She says that while he didn't choose her as a TA, and doesn't admire her work, she wonders whether there is anything else she could be doing to be a better TA. Cavallo asks whether this is about the Honors Art class. Felicity says she just wants some advice. Cavallo says that he's running late, but offers to take Felicity to lunch the next day in order to talk thinks over. Felicity accepts. I thought she was going to Vermont?

Elena says that Cavallo is putting the moves on Felicity. Meanwhile, Felicity is unpacking her things and denying Elena's assertions. Elena knocks on the bathroom door, and one of the Tabbies calls out, "One minute!" Elena threatens to pee in the trashcan if she doesn't get into the bathroom soon. Elena does the pee pee dance throughout this scene, which cracked me up. Elena reminds Felicity about the McGrath situation. Felicity says that was different, because they liked each other. Elena points out that Cavallo and Felicity could have met during office hours. Felicity protests that she's not a student. Elena doesn't think that's a good excuse. Elena knocks on the bathroom door again, and when she still can't get in, complains that The Tabbies stole her suede jacket. Felicity can't believe it. Elena knocks on the bathroom door again, to no avail, and then takes off for the neighbors' place to pee.

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