Oops…Noel Did It Again

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Oops...Noel Did It Again

Noel sits in his office. Javier enters, carrying the same plant, and announces that he knows that Noel is only into helping himself, but Javier needs Noel to help him. Noel reels off a list of times, and Javier guesses, "Your feedings?" Noel says that they are times for his job interviews; he went through the new job listings and set them up. Javier thinks that might be "a world record or something," and smiles sweetly. Noel agreeably asks what Javier needs. Javier explains that he's giving Felicity a photo album for her birthday, and hands it to Noel. Noel notices that there aren't any pictures, and Javier explains that he needs pictures from Noel to put inside. Noel agrees to help. This guy who looks just like Private Blithe from Band of Brothers comes to the door and asks whether the new job listings are in. Noel lies that they are not. Blithe asks when they are coming in. Noel says that he doesn't know, and Blithe says that Noel isn't a very good guidance counselor. Blithe turns to leave, and Javier says that he can't stand this. Javier stands and asks Blithe whether he knows anything about coffee. Blithe guesses he does. Javier offers him a job at Dean & Deluca. Blithe flatly says, "Thanks, man. You rock." Noel asks whether he can send all of his students to Javier, but Javier doesn't think so, and he walks out, reminding Noel about the pictures, and leaving the plant. Noel calls out, "Javier! You rock." Javier smiles and says, "I rock!" I think Javier deserves the counselor job more than Noel does.

Felicity and Cavallo are at lunch. Felicity says that she doesn't consider herself an artist, and that she's worried about the class, but Cavallo assures her that she's doing great. Felicity doesn't think so, and Cavallo says that she just needs practice, which she will get when he goes out of town next week to see a Rodin exhibit. Felicity talks about how she loves Rodin. Cavallo says that Felicity knows what Rodin can do with the human form. Cavallo picks up Felicity's hand and talks about Rodin's sculpting of muscles. Felicity looks uncomfortable. Cavallo says that Rodin was rejected from art school three times, so Felicity shouldn't feel bad about not getting into his Honors Art class. Felicity continues to look uncomfortable about the handholding.

Elena walks into Felicity's room with a birthday present. Felicity opens it to find a hat and gloves, and thanks Elena. Elena says that Felicity can get her a new suede jacket for her birthday, and some earplugs, referring to the loud music that The Tabbies keep playing. Felicity wonders what she's going to do about Cavallo, and Elena urges her to confront him now, before it gets worse. Elena excuses herself to do something about the loud music. Elena walks into The Tabbies' room to find them exchanging shoulder massages with Richard. The Tabbies explain that they don't have Elena's jacket. Elena walks over and angrily turns the music down. Richard senses "chick roommate tension," and offers to get The Tabbies something to drink. Elena points out that Richard didn't offer her a drink, but Richard is oblivious as he leaves the room. The Tabbies asks whether Richard is friends with Noel. Elena confirms that he is. The Tabbies giggle and clap with excitement that their plan is going to work out. Elena reminds them to keep the music down, and stomps out.

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