Oops…Noel Did It Again

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Oops...Noel Did It Again

Ben walks in, and Elena says that Felicity is in her room, packing. Ben walks into Felicity's room. She realizes that something is wrong, and asks what's going on. Ben says that Lauren called and said that Jack is getting worse, so Ben needs to go to the hospital; he adds that he doesn't think they should go away after all. Felicity agrees and offers to go with him. Ben kindly says that it's not necessary. Felicity asks how Jack is, and Ben doesn't answer, and then apologizes for ruining Felicity's birthday. Felicity promises that they will go next weekend. The loud music starts up again, so Ben asks what it is. Felicity just sighs and says, "Our new roommates." Ben and Felicity hug.

Montage of Noel in various interviews, making a fool of himself as usual. Mostly because he's explaining why he's so great, instead of explaining why he would be good for the company. Rookie mistake. Also, the desperation emanating from Noel is palpable.

Noel lies on the floor in his room singing "Lonesome Loser." So appropriate. Felicity stops by and asks what's going on. Noel explains how poorly his interviews went, and that he's going to be a guidance counselor for the rest of his life. He rises out of his funk to wish Felicity a happy birthday, and then asks why she isn't in Vermont. Felicity says that Ben's father is in town, so Ben is with him, and they are going to Vermont next weekend. Because remember, Ben told her not to tell anyone about his dad? I couldn't figure out why Felicity didn't mention the hospital until I remembered that. Noel offers to take Felicity out for a drink to celebrate her 21st birthday. Felicity thanks him, but says that she's going to paint, and assures Noel that his interviews were probably not that bad. Noel watches her go, then steps out in the hall and wishes her a happy birthday again as she leaves.

Elena tries to study, but is distracted by the loud music. We see a shot of Richard and The Tabbies dancing in The Tabbies' room. Elena dials the loft on speakerphone. She leaves a message for Noel explaining that she's not at a concert, despite the loud music, and he needs to get The Tabbies out of there. Richard storms out before Elena has finished the message, and complains that The Tabbies want Noel. Richard adds, "The N-Man always scores. First he sleeps with Felicity -- don't even try to deny it, because I saw the hickey -- and now he's going to get the muffins in the other room." A voice from the phone says, "Your message has been recorded." Elena says that it was Noel's phone, and Richard realizes that it's Ben's phone, too.

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