Oops…Noel Did It Again

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Oops...Noel Did It Again

Okay. Sidebar: At this point, although I was very angry at Noel for butting into something that's none of his business, I was willing to believe that he honestly thought he was looking out for Felicity, and that he just blurted that out without thinking, and would retract it immediately. But then, this happened.

Ben says that he's not talking about a freshman crush, and Noel self-righteously says, "Neither am I." Ben just stares at Noel uncertainly, his face falling, and then walks out. Noel looks more angry than upset. That's where Noel lost me, possibly forever. First of all, what was he thinking? That this would lead Ben and Felicity to break up, and that Felicity would come running into his arms? Because while it might, she won't. She made her choice. I don't think she's going to rebound from her relationship with Ben by running to the man who broke them up in the first place. Also, I just hated his tone (although I think it was a good line reading by Scott Foley); it was like Noel thought he was being all defiant and standing up to Ben, like it was some act of bravery, when the far braver thing to do would have been to respect Felicity's wishes and keep it a secret. I know that Noel doesn't know that Ben's father is dying -- it doesn't matter. It was still a dick move. In conclusion, I hate Noel. He ruins everything.

Ben returns to the hospital, where the doctor is talking to Lauren. Ben asks the doctor how much being on a ventilator would improve Jack's condition. Lauren is all offended, so Ben takes the doctor aside and asks whether doing this will improve Jack's chances of being put back on the transplant list. The doctor says that there is a chance, but it's very small. Ben says that he wants to do it.

In the women's apartment, Javier and The Tabbies watch Felicity open a present. It's the photo album. Elena walks in carrying her suede jacket, which she found in The Tabbies' closet. Javier comments that The Tabbies have great taste. Elena points out that it's hers. The Tabbies says that they borrowed it. Elena says that they lied to her. The Tabbies say that they both have sisters, and they share clothes all the time. Elena points out that they aren't sisters. Noel walks in, because the door was open. Am I the only one who remembers James and the gun? The Tabbies are excited to see Noel, and Elena tells Noel that he's "a dead man." I wish. Noel wants to talk to Felicity alone. Felicity thanks Javier for the present and gives him a hug. The Tabbies watch Noel walk out. I hate them, too. I wish they would go live with Noel in an apartment somewhere that would burn down and they would all die horrible, fiery deaths.

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