Party Lines

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Party Lines

Previously on Felicity: Ben tells Knoll about Greg's past, Greg and Felicity kiss, Ben threatens to kill Greg if Greg hurts Felicity, Felicity discovers that Ben is in love with her.

Felicity is being interviewed by Sean, AGAIN, for his Docuventary. She is sitting in a booth at Epstein Bar and he tries to fix her hair before starting. Actually, he says that he's trying to make Felicity look "a little prettier." Naturally, she yells at him and he stops. I figured out in this scene who Keri Russell looks like now. It's Chloƫ Newsome who played Vicki on Coronation Street. I realize this doesn't mean much to the average North American Felicity watcher, but trust me, she does. Anyway, Sean says, "So, the guy from the Independent Film Channel says he wants a little more Felicity." Cut to Ben in the loft and Sean saying, "So, the guy from the Independent Film Channel says he wants a little more Ben." Ben sighs, "How long is this gonna take?" Sean sneers, "Like you got somewhere else to be." Ben mumbles, "Can we just do it?" Cut back to Sean asking Felicity to talk about Ben. Felicity questions, "Is that what this is going to be about?" Sean tells her that they want to know more about her love life. Felicity dryly states that Ben is not part of her love life. Cut back to Ben saying that he doesn't want to talk about Felicity and Sean shouting, "C'mon!" Ben says, "She thinks I'm a dick." Cut back to Felicity saying, "Ben is a jerk." Cut back to Sean asking Ben if he is a dick. Ben retorts, "Are you a dick?" Is Julie a bad singer? Felicity says, "He's immature, and that's what his problem is." Ben claims that Felicity is judgmental and since he did something because he cares about her, she thinks "it's a crime." Sean says, "So, you care about her?" Ben sounds like he's five when he says no. Felicity says that she doesn't want to talk about Ben and he says he doesn't want to talk about Felicity. After pausing for a second, Ben says, "Why, what did she say about me?"

Elena, Julie, and Felicity are hanging out in Knoll and Elena's apartment. Felicity is reading the school newspaper which is called News-At-A-Glance and she asks who Sadie Hawkins was. Julie thinks that "she's a famous feminist, maybe." I'm surprised that she didn't confuse her with Sophie B. Hawkins. Elena snorts, "She was a comic strip character, some ugly chick who chased down a man. Why, is there a Sadie Hawkins dance?" How lookist of you, Elena. Felicity confirms that the dance is a fundraiser for the upcoming student elections. Mewlie, I mean Julie, whines that "it is so unfair" because Elena will ask Tracy to go, and Felicity will ask Greg to go and she doesn't have anyone to ask. Knoll arrives home to proclaim that "there is nothing lamer than a school dance." Well, you'd know Knoll, king of all that is lame. Elena thinks that Knoll wouldn't have that attitude if someone had asked Knoll to the dance. Julie's pity party continues because she thinks Ruby is going to ask Knoll to the dance. Knoll explains that won't be happening because Ruby has gone home to tell her parents that she is pregnant. Felicity thinks that Knoll and Julie should go to the dance together. Yeah, they could make a movie about it and call it Lame and Lamer. Seriously, these two should be together because then they wouldn't be bothering anyone else. I know, they could get a spin-off of their own! Julie does ask Knoll but in his typically ungracious way, he declines the invitation by saying, "To a school dance?" After pressure from Felicity and Elena, he accepts rather grudgingly. Julie tells him to forget it rather wimpily. I think she should have told him to shove it, but that's expecting too much from her.

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