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Remember When

Felicity walks down the hallway in her dorm, and sees two people making out near her door. She goes into her room, slams the door, and sits on the bed, all backlit so you can't see her face. She sits there for a few minutes, and then the door opens and a female figure walks in and goes to the other side of the room. Felicity turns and hesitantly asks, "Hi, are you Meghan?" Meghan is grabbing stuff out of her closet, and doesn't even turn around as she yells back, "Yeah?" Felicity introduces herself. Meghan stops and looks at Felicity for about two seconds, and then walks out and slams the door. Felicity stares after her in shock, and then wrinkles her nose as if to say, "The hell?"

Felicity is pushing a buzzer on an apartment intercom. A male voice answers and Felicity asks, "Ben?" The voice says, "No, it's Sean." She commands, "Put Ben on." Ben says hello and Felicity identifies herself and orders him to buzz her up. Ben asks whether they can talk tomorrow. Felicity yells, "Ben! No!" and he buzzes her in. She exits the elevator with an angry expression on her face and quickly walks to Ben's door. As soon as he opens it, she demands, "How could you write that in my yearbook?" Ben's all, "What?" Felicity quotes, "'I watched you for four years...always wondered what you were like.' You wrote those words to me!" Ben says he thought she was okay with this. Felicity says she was, but that doesn't mean that his actions don't have consequences. Ben asks to what actions she is referring. Felicity says it's obvious, and it's like Physics: "Nothing happens without an effect." Ben smiles and says he never took Physics. Felicity tells him not to say that, because it's what he does. He plays innocent and is charismatic, and smiles, and it's what made her fall for him. She thinks what's unfair is that he knew it, and he liked it. Ben says that of course he likes the fact that she likes him. Felicity reminds him that he said he was flattered. Ben says he was "awkward" and that because he "revealed a little bit" about himself in her yearbook, she changed her college plans. That is a really stalkerly thing to do. Like, she couldn't have called him over the summer, or timed it so that she would be driving by his house when he was outside and "just happen" to run into him? I guess those are pretty stalkerly moves, too, but they're a little more acceptable than going three thousand miles to see him. Felicity says she knows him better than he thinks. Ben expresses doubt, so she says, "I know all about your brother." Ben's surprised, so she reveals further that she read his application essay and then gives a look like, "How do you like them apples, Mr. Fancy Pants?" Ben is shocked that she read his essay, and Felicity says she's only done "one questionably immoral thing in seventeen years." Ben wants to know how it happened. Felicity instead tells him that he led her on and made her fall in love with him. Ben has apparently reached his boiling point because he tells Felicity she's "acting crazy," and that all he did was act nice to her. He didn't ask her to come to New York. That was her choice. He asks her, "How can you think you're in love with me? You don't even know me." Suddenly, there is movement in the apartment behind Ben, and Julie walks out, shouldering her bag. She says "hi" to Felicity, who looks surprised and says, "Hey." Julie leaves. Felicity looks down, then looks at Ben, who looks ashamed. Felicity turns and leaves.

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