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Remember When

Cut to a boring Commencement speaker. She says, "Important day blah blah blah savor the possibilities blah blah blah enjoy life blah blah blah carpe diemcakes." Felicity appears to be lost in thought until her fellow graduates start applauding. The voice-over continues, "They say that crash victims, people that lose a limb, they can still feel the missing arm or leg, even after it's gone." Where could she possibly be going with this? Have I mentioned yet how happy I am that this show lightened up a little in later episodes? No? Well, I am. I'm sure it'll come up again before the recap is over. Anyway, Felicity continues, "It's called phantom pain, right?" We see a shot of the graduates throwing their caps in the air, except Felicity, who just holds hers in her hands. Voice-over: "Well, suddenly, I had this horrible thought. What if high school went away, but the feeling of it didn't? I mean, I didn't feel joy, or sorrow, or anticipation. Things were going so well, but all I could feel was dread." So, it's been subtly established that Felicity is feeling ambivalent about graduating from high school. Again, except for the "subtly" part.

Cut to a shot of Ben talking to someone on a field, and as we pan out, we can see he is angrily yelling at an older woman, possibly his mother. Felicity says, "Three years ago, I held a pint of Ben Covington's blood. I was volunteering at the tenth-grade blood drive. That's just about as close as we ever got." Ew, that is kind of gross. I mean, Ben is cute and all, but I don't know if I would be proud of holding his bodily fluids. ["Word. It's like he's Billy Bob Thornton and she's Angelina Jolie." -- Wing Chun] Felicity walks along a chain-link fence and watches Ben argue. The voice-over continues, "It's funny. Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can pretty much change your life forever." Do you think the writers were consciously trying to make Felicity sound like Angela Chase would if we ever got to see her graduate from high school? We hear Ben telling the woman that he "cannot deal with this today," and the woman says, "Fine," and walks away. Ben starts to walk away as well, and Felicity interrupts and introduces herself. Ben says he knows her, and they shake hands. Felicity hesitantly asks him to sign her yearbook. Ben says he doesn't have his with him. Who would bring a yearbook to graduation, anyway? Where would you put it while you were walking across the stage? Felicity says it's okay, and hands him her yearbook and a pen. I don't know if it's the hat or what, but Felicity's hair is looking flat in this scene, especially considering how fluffy it gets later in the season. Ben uncaps the pen, and Felicity stammers that she just got it today, which is why there aren't any signatures, except for "Mr. Johnson," and then she babbles a bit more, and Ben looks like he's really not listening. In case you couldn't tell by how hot Ben is, I think we're supposed to discover that Felicity is kind of a dork and Ben is a Big Man on Campus. Ben asks Felicity to give him a minute to "do this" and then sits down on the ground. Felicity looks surprised, since she was probably expecting something like, "Have a great summer! See you around." Ben proceeds to practically write War and Peace while Felicity paces around awkwardly and finally sits down next to him on the grass. Ben finishes with a flourish and hands the yearbook back, saying, "Thanks for asking." Felicity wishes him luck, and he returns the wish. Ben gets up and leaves, and Felicity immediately opens the yearbook as the voice-over continues: "So, this is what Ben Covington wrote. 'Dear Felicity: Here it goes. I've watched you for four years and always wondered what you were like, what was going on in your mind all that time when you were so quiet, just thinking, or drawing in your notebook. I should have just asked you but I never did. So now, four years later, I don't even know you. But I admire you. Well, this makes me sound crazy, but I'm okay with that. Take care of yourself. Love, Ben.'" While reading the inscription, the expression on Felicity's face changes from confusion to incredulity. While we see a shot of Ben's retreating back, she finishes, "'P.S. I would've said "keep in touch," but unfortunately we never were in touch.'" The voice-over ends, and Felicity yells to Ben, "Hey! Where are you going to college?" Ben answers, "New York. What about you?" Felicity laughs and says haltingly, "That's pretty unclear." They wave goodbye to one another and Felicity turns around with her hand over her mouth. The voice-over continues, "Suddenly, I knew what everyone else was feeling." Felicity smiles.

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