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Remember When

Felicity is standing in a line, and someone calls out, "Next, please." I think we can assume this is registration of some sort. Oh, she's getting her college ID picture taken. She asks Bored Picture-Taking Guy how he's doing and he snarkily answers, "Just great," and tells her to stand on the dot. She asks him whether her hair is a disaster, like he cares. She continues that she'll have to look at this picture for the next four years, "and that's a really long time." The guy just stares at her open-mouthed as someone yells, "Hey, what are you doing here?" It's Ben! Felicity gives him a big "hi!" and then stammers that she's going here, and she "totally forgot" that he was, too. Ben says it's "so unbelievable" and then bends and gives kisses the heretofore unseen girl standing next to him. Ben explains that he went to high school with Felicity. He introduces his honey as "Susan" and then says, "And this is uh...this is uh..." and Felicity jumps in, "Felicity!" Oh, how sad. She followed him to New York and he can't even remember her name. It's like she gave him her heart and he gave her a pen. Ben says he'll see her around, and Felicity is staring at him like she can't even believe that he doesn't know her name after what he wrote in her yearbook. Felicity watches him walk off and then turns to get her picture taken, looking incredibly disappointed and hurt.

Felicity is sitting in her advisor's office, and she's telling him that she hasn't had much time to review the classes and schedules yet, and that she needs some time. He says that he got a phone call from her parents, that she's not the first student whose parents aren't happy about her choice in higher education, and that they're "concerned." Felicity says that they are "more than concerned -- they're insulted," and then asks him whether he thinks her coming to New York was a bad idea, too. He says that only she can answer that question, and that New York -- both the city and the university -- can be overwhelming. He tells her that it's best suited to the "independently-minded student" and that her parents "seem to imply that [she] might not fit into that category." Felicity looks offended. The advisor asks whether she has any specific interests outside of medicine. Felicity looks as if she's going to cry as she answers, "I draw, sometimes. I paint." She might has well have said, "My cat's breath smells like cat food." She brought some samples and hands them over. While the advisor looks at them, Felicity swallows hard and then asks, "My parents said that?" The advisor just looks at her. He's clearly no Toni Pavone.

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