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Remember When

A professor with crazy white hair stands in front of a classroom and talks about Alexander Pope. Felicity is sitting about halfway back in the lecture hall, and Ben is seated a few rows in front of her. She ignores the professor and stares at Ben; her eyes are red. Either she's been to a few too many frat parties in her first few days of college, or she's been crying. Ben is oblivious. Felicity continues to choke back tears, and the girl next to her leans forward and looks at her with a concerned expression. It's Julie! I don't know why I was so excited that it was Julie. Let me try again. It's Julie. She writes a note and passes it to Felicity. It says, "You okay?" and then has places for Felicity to check either "No" or "I will be." Seriously, the last time I wrote a note that required checking something off was probably the third grade. Although, I preferred the more sophisticated method of writing, "Do you like me? If yes, sharpen your pencil. If no, get a drink from the drinking fountain." But I've always been a woman of action. A tear slides down Felicity's face as she smiles at Julie and checks off "I will be." She then writes in, "Thanks!" before passing it back. I note that Julie looked a lot prettier with longer hair. As the professor drones on, Julie writes another note and passes it over, which says, "Is our professor's hair...on backwards?" I will give her extra credit for correct use of ellipses. Felicity bursts out laughing, but almost manages to disguise it as a cough. The professor gives her a look, but Felicity pulls it together, before looking at Julie and giggling some more.

In the cafeteria, Felicity is telling Julie how overwhelming everything is. She mentions New York, college, and her schedule. Julie is glad to hear that someone else feels that way. Felicity says it's difficult to figure out "the system," and Julie says that the only classes she wanted were filled by the time she got there. Felicity mentions her "really mysterious roommate situation"; she hasn't met her roommate yet, although she does have "these bone sculptures." Julie says that her roommate has a phobia, so she cleans everything, with the result that their room smells like pine. Felicity is incredulous, so Julie says that her roommate wears "a face mask when she goes out." Felicity says it's crazy, and then they both agree that college is "terrifying." They both turn around when they hear a big clattering sound, to see that someone has dropped his tray. Predictably, everyone applauds and cheers, and the guy holds his arms up in the air in mock celebration. Julie says that is "so embarrassing" and "so something [she] would do." Felicity catches sight of Ben at the next table, like she wouldn't have seen him earlier since he's less than ten feet away, and stares. Julie asks what she's looking at. Felicity says she'll be right back, and then introduces herself to Julie. Okay, I know the writers wanted us to take note of Julie's name, but is it realistic that they would walk from class to the cafeteria, get food and sit down together and not find out each other's names? No, I don't think that is realistic.

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