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Felicity and Ben enter a stairwell, and Ben asks what's going on. Felicity is wearing a size XXL sweater that she must have borrowed from Dawson Leery. Felicity wants to "preface this" by saying she doesn't want Ben to "feel weird" about anything she's about to say. Ben smiles and agrees. Felicity sighs and says, "The thing is, I came to New York mostly...because of you." Ben looks confused. It's a good look for him, which is a good thing, because it's how he looks for much of the first season. Felicity continues by explaining that she had these "intense feelings" for him "back in high school," even through they never talked before graduation, except that one time when she was passing out flyers for the blood drive. Ben looks pained and shakes his head to indicate that he doesn't remember that. Felicity says that she probably had those intense feelings precisely because they didn't talk, and she knows now that it's crazy to follow someone she doesn't know three thousand miles, so she wanted Ben to know that she's past that. Ben is looking at her like she's insane. I mean, wouldn't you? ["Yes. I really don't know why she wouldn't keep this to herself." -- Wing Chun] She babbles on that it's not really about Ben anymore and concludes, "I'm here now because...I'm here." If you think about it, that's a pretty crafty tie-in to Felicity's big crisis in season two, where Toni Pavone kept asking her why she was in New York. I never really noticed that before. Probably because I haven't seen this episode since it first aired. Anyway, Felicity laughs, as does Ben. Felicity asks Ben what he's thinking, and he stammers a bit before saying that the whole thing flatters him. She says that's the perfect answer, and asks whether they can just be friends. Ben says, "Of course," while shaking his head no, which was somewhat weird, then touches her on the arm, and walks away. Felicity looks after him, probably thinking, "Friends, my ass!"

Felicity runs down the street in slow motion, and enters a building. In a voice-over, she tells us about her work-study job, filing student applications in the Admissions office. She says that the one "serious rule" is that she's supposed to respect the confidentiality of the documents, which means she's not supposed to read them. While she's saying this, we see a shot of her sitting on the floor, reading an application, and putting her hand on her heart.

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