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Remember When

Felicity is in her dorm room, on the phone with her parents. The door is open, and she's wearing a revealing nightgown, which is little more than a long tank top. Anyway, things clearly aren't going well with her parents, and she asks whether she can please hang up now. Noel appears in the doorway and just watches her, which is creepy. Felicity turns and yells in surprise, which causes Noel to yell back. He apologizes and introduces himself as "not a stalker," but "the resident advisor on the floor." Felicity hugs the phone to her chest. Maybe Little Miss Modesty shouldn't leave the door open. Noel babbles some more, that he's just stopping by to say, "Yo!" Do people really still say "yo" instead of "hello"? ["No." -- Wing Chun] Noel concludes by saying that he's "kind of like the floor shrink," that she can knock on his door anytime, apologizes again for scaring her, and leaves.

Felicity knocks on Noel's door and asks whether now is a bad time. Once inside, she tells Noel that she was "consumed by temptation" and that the essay question was about an event that changed your life, so it was a chance to "really learn a lot about this guy." Noel guesses that she read Ben's college application. Felicity hands him a piece of paper and Noel amends his previous statement to exposit that she photocopied the application. Felicity asks whether that's bad, and then tells Noel just to read it. He begins to read it aloud, and it's about Ben's older brother. Ben didn't like him growing up, because he always felt that he was in his talented older brother's shadow. Then, his brother died of brain cancer. Noel looks up at Felicity, who sits down next to him and tells him to skip to the end. Noel reads that Ben realized when he was applying for college that he had surpassed his brother, simply by surviving, and that he's now older than his older brother. Then, Ben cried, for the first time, for his brother's loss. Noel finishes reading, and hands the essay back to Felicity. She asks him whether it's possible to be "just friends" with someone she has "immoderate feelings for" or if she's doomed to be in love, and "ultimately, significantly hurt." ["This is also some nice foreshadowing for the end of the third season, where Noel figured out that it's not, in fact, possible." -- Wing Chun] Noel tells her she can "absolutely" be friends with him, because her current emotional state is heightened by all the newness, so she should just give it a month and things will normalize. Felicity laughs and tells Noel he's right. She gets up to leave, then pauses and says, "Thank you, Knoll." Oh, silly me. I thought before he said his name was "NO-el" with two syllables. Clearly, I was mistaken. I stand corrected. She leaves and he says, "Thank you, Felicity" to the now-closed door.

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