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Remember When

Felicity and Julie are walking down the hall. Julie says she found her roommate washing Julie's underwear. Felicity is confused, so Julie explains that the roommate didn't think Julie's underwear was clean enough to be in the same room as the roommate's underwear. Felicity and Julie are retrieving their mail from post-office boxes. Felicity asks Julie whether it's okay for Ben to join them tonight. Julie silently looks through her mail, so Felicity says, "What?" Julie says it's nothing and then says she thinks she has a handle on "the Blake poem." Felicity points out that Julie previously said she was desperate. Julie shuts her post office box and says, "Look, seriously, you guys go out. I don't want to be third wheel." Somewhere, Sars is groaning in retroactive pain at the misuse of the expression "fifth wheel." ["Actually, tonight I was watching a rerun in which Julie misuses the expression 'third wheel' again. I guess that's her schtick." -- Wing Chun] Julie walks away and Felicity hurriedly stuffs her mail back in her mailbox and follows. She catches up with Julie and says that she and Ben aren't going out. They're studying, and all three of them need to study. Julie looks uncomfortable and then asks what the deal is with Ben and Felicity: "Are you dating or...?" Felicity says "no!" with a great deal of conviction, and then explains that they are just friends who know each other from high school. Julie looks relieved, and says that she really thought there was something going on, and didn't want to be "the one on the outside." They enter an elevator as Felicity implores Julie to come with them.

Felicity, Julie, and Ben are sitting in a bar or restaurant or something. Julie looks very dressed up for studying with friends. They are discussing urban legends. Julie and Ben banter a bit, and Felicity looks worried. Ben brings up the one about "the couple in Vietnam" and Julie apparently doesn't want to hear it. She excuses herself and asks Felicity to get her another drink. After Julie leaves, Ben and Felicity laugh some more. Ben leans forward and says, "So, I don't know how you're going to feel about this." Felicity asks, "Feel about what?" Ben asks whether Felicity meant what she said the other day about being friends. Felicity clearly thinks Ben is implying that he wants to be more than friends, but she says yes anyway and asks why he wants to know. Ben says that he's "kind of into Julie and [he] just wanted to make sure that it's okay." Felicity's face falls. Ben says, "Oh, no." There's much apologizing on both sides until Felicity says that it's "really fine." Ben's all, "Are you sure?" and Felicity's all, "Of course!" Ben asks whether Felicity thinks he has a shot, because he feels like he's talking too much. Felicity says she thinks that Julie thinks Ben's wonderful. Ben asks whether she's serious, and Felicity nods. Oh, poor Felicity. I am such a sap. I mean, could this show be any less subtle at this point? And yet, I am still sucked in.

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