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Previously on Felicity, Professor Sherman catches Felicity and Knoll snogging during Thanksgiving celebrations. Some other scenes were likely recalled but due to a taping mishap, that's the only one I caught.

This episode begins in Sherman Tank's classroom with a close-up on a drawing of a nude couple embracing. A female figure has short hair not unlike Felicity's. A male figure looks like Knoll, but with his first-season hair. Sherman asks for the class's opinion on the drawing. Felicity volunteers that the perspective might be off but she can't quite put her finger on what is wrong with the drawing. Sherman agrees that something is wrong and says, "Could it be the fact that you're a manipulator and a liar?" Felicity indignantly says, "What?" Sherman adds, "Not to mention a bit of a slut." The rest of the class makes Springer audience noises while Felicity looks sick. She gets up to leave and is stopped by a guy who tells her that she didn't deserve that. She calls him Bruce and he grabs her and kisses her. She asks, "What are you doing?" and when she has pushed him away, he turns into Knoll. Felicity stammers that she didn't mean to push him away, but she was confused. Knoll tells her that she is still in love with him. An alarm sounds to tell us and Felicity that this was all just a bad dream. Let me tell you, if Knoll starred in one of my dreams, that nightmare would leave me begging for LSD to wash my brain clean.

Felicity launches into one of her "Dear Sally" tapes and tells her that the dreams started Thanksgiving night. She tells Sally that remembrances of Knoll's kiss were stirring up feelings she had been trying to avoid, and that when she saw him the first time after the Thanksgiving break, she could "barely even look at him." Felicity, welcome to my world.

Felicity and Knoll are now sitting beside each other in Sherman Tank's class and Knoll says that he's recovering from his "200 proof hangover." Then he jabbers about what a stupid, drunken mistake it was for them to kiss and that he feels guilty about it. Felicity agrees with her mouth but the rest of her body doesn't. She worries aloud that Sherman is going to hold their indiscretion against them. Knoll thinks that she is too professional to do so. Sherman walks toward them and gives them the stink-eye, which leaves Felicity and Knoll to conclude that they are "dead." Roll the credits.

There's a commercial for Shopper's Drug Mart's house brand version of Tums which disses grandma's pot roast. That commercial really bugs me.

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