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Back in Felicity's room, she is STILL moaning on to Sally about the dreams, which she thought would stop in time. One of her dreams is shown, in which she is drawing a shadowy male figure, and there are gauzy curtains everywhere. Knoll says that she still loves him, Eli/Simon Rex states that he had her first, David claims that he made her a good lover, and Ben says that he is her soulmate. Way to define yourself by the men you've been involved with, Felicity. Then, Lucky appears and speaks French. He tells her that he is a metaphor for her sexual ambivalence and confusion. This dream sequence is beginning to really tick me off. Fortunately, Felicity snaps out of it. Unfortunately, she finds herself seated across from Knoll while they sketch each other. Felicity tells Knoll that she is dreading doing her self-portrait because she'll have to examine herself so closely which is "yuck." Knoll disagrees and says that he wouldn't use the word "yuck" to describe her face. Felicity asks about Ruby and Knoll tells her that Ruby will be back in a few weeks. He adds that Ruby is not impressed with the "whole Hollywood scene." Knoll admits that he misses Ruby. They continue sketching and exchanging meaningful glances. Felicity's narration tells us that she wasn't sure about the signals she was getting from Knoll, while we see a sketch of him, which emphasizes his colossally big lips and a hairdo that he isn't currently sporting. It's a sort of portrait-of-the-artist-as-a-young-man-with-huge-lips-and-nostrils. She goes on to say that during one of their drawing sessions they took a TV break and ended up falling asleep together on the sofa, with his arm around her.

Turns out that she is recounting the story to Elena. She tells her that nothing really happened when they woke up and that Knoll didn't mention it. Felicity doesn't want to ruin her chances with Knoll this time. Poor Elena still doesn't have a storyline so she has to endure Felicity's questions about whether Ruby and Knoll are serious. Elena encourages her to set the record straight with Knoll.

Felicity walks purposefully down the street on her way to Knoll's place to profess her feelings. When Ruby answers the door, Felicity looks stunned as Ruby explains that they rearranged her shooting schedule so that she could come back for her "Econ final." Felicity follows Ruby into the apartment looking like she had just been offered some Limburger cheese.

Now Felicity and Knoll are alone in his apartment, still working on their portraits. When they take a break Felicity gets up and sticks her nose into a shopping bag. She pulls out a Palm IIIe box and asks Knoll which teacher he's "trying to butter up." Is this an American thing? Do people actually give gifts to their professors? I'm choosing to believe that this is actually just a dumb comment that Felicity has made because she's a ditz. ["To answer your questions: No, not that I've heard; and right on." -- Kim] Knoll jumps up and explains to her that it is one of the gifts he bought for Ruby. He also bought a sweater and a bracelet and he is unsure which gift he should give her. Knoll asks Felicity which gift he should give to Ruby. Felicity chooses this moment to tell Knoll that she wants to "go out" with him again. Knoll responds that he is "reeling, physically reeling" and that Felicity has bad timing. He then launches into a story about a stunt guy that he saw on the news when he was a kid. I think he's just mistaking the guy for Fonzie and his jump over the garbage cans in Arnold's parking lot, but he has his memories and I have mine. Anyway, he rambles about Fonzie not making the jump and not wanting to try it again because he really missed the first time. Somehow, Knoll means to relate this little tale to his and Felicity's relationship. She seems to understand what he is getting and I've lost interest at this point. She tells him that he said the perfect thing and she thanks him for his honesty. They resume drawing and Felicity tells him to give Ruby the bracelet because it is what she (Felicity) would want.

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