Raising Arizona

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Raising Arizona

Previously on Felicity: Felicity told Ben that she didn't know if he would be able to live with his decision to have nothing to do with his child. Noel kissed Zoe, even though they work together. Adam tried to kiss Felicity and it was all very awkward.

Mad props to Strega for an excellent and hilarious recap last week! I'm sure it was a nice break from my Ben-adoration for some of you. I hope. Because there will be more of a break in Ben-adoration this week from me.

Felicity walks into the loft. Noel says that Ben is still at Dean & Deluca, like it's nice that they acknowledge that Ben, Felicity, and Javier all are supposed to work there, and yet we haven't seen any of them doing any work in a few weeks. Felicity explains that she actually stopped by to talk to Noel. Felicity is still going with the straight hair, but at least in this scene the sides are pulled back so it looks a bit less unkempt. Felicity says that she's been avoiding Adam since he tried to kiss her, but that she really likes working with him and doesn't want it to be weird. Noel tells her to talk to Adam, because he's a grownup and will be able to handle it. Felicity agrees, and vows to follow Noel's advice. She grabs a bottle of water and says that she found out about an architectural walking tour of the city that happens the next day at noon. She invites Noel to join her. Noel is supposed to have lunch with Zoe, so he can't. Felicity asks how things are going with Zoe, and Noel says that they are good, and can't keep from smiling. I've just noticed how unruly Noel's hair is, and it will continue to distract me for the rest of the episode. There's this piece in the back that is sticking straight out. Did they already fire the show's hairdresser in preparation for shutting down production or something?

Ben walks in and asks to talk to Felicity in private. Before leaving, Felicity tells Noel that there is another walking tour at 6 PM, and Noel says that he can make that one. Felicity and Ben enter Ben's room and close the door. Ben apologizes for interrupting their conversation. Felicity says that they were just talking about architecture. Did you know that the movie Playing By Heart was originally supposed to be called Dancing About Architecture? I think that would have been a much more interesting title. Anyway. Ben sits down with a big sigh and Felicity asks him what is going on. Ben says that he's been "trying to figure out this whole pregnancy thing." Ben says that it's "pretty screwed up," but it's "not this kid's fault." Ben knows what it's like to grow up without a dad, and he feels like he has to be there for the kid in some way. Felicity looks blank and nods and says okay. Ben asks if that's all she has to say. Felicity clarifies, "Well, what am I supposed to say? I mean, it sucks. It's the right thing to do, but it sucks." Ben promises that they will get through it. Felicity feels like it's just going to get more difficult, and asks how he can make the promise. Ben says that he knows that they will make it. They stare at each other, not quite believing it.

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