Raising Arizona

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Raising Arizona

Ben arrives in the hallway outside Lauren's apartment. Of course, there is a guy struggling to put a screaming baby into a stroller. Whenever someone is contemplating parenthood in television or movies, they encounter a screaming baby. Lauren seems surprised to see Ben when she opens the door. She hears the crying baby and calls out hello to the father. Ben walks inside. Lauren is suddenly hugely pregnant. Well, not hugely, but way more than last week. Lauren complains about being fat. I hate it when pregnant ladies complain about being fat. You're not fat. You're pregnant! Ben tells her that she looks great. After a pause, Ben says that he's changed his mind, and that he wants to be a part of the child's life. Lauren is surprised and says that it's great. Ben says, "That's great, but..." Lauren says that there are no "but"s, and then admits that there is one thing -- she's moving to Arizona next month. Ben is shocked. Lauren explains that her parents live there, and there are a lot of job opportunities. Ben says that he's going to help her out, so she won't need to move. Lauren points out that Ben is twenty-one, and wants to go to medical school, so he won't be around to help, while her parents are retired and available all day, every day. And I'm sure they don't have lives of their own and want to drop everything for her. Ben reminds Lauren that the kid needs a dad. Lauren doesn't disagree. Ben asks if he's supposed to move to Arizona. Lauren says that they have schools in Arizona. Ben retorts that his life is in New York. Lauren tops him by saying that she needs to do what is best for the baby, and right now that means moving to Arizona. Well, not really. That's what's best for her. Ben is speechless.

Felicity walks into Adam's studio and asks to talk to him. Adam shushes her because the judges for the library project are going to call any second. Felicity shuts up. The phone rings. Adam bounces up and down a few times before nervously answering it. He does the fake-out thing so that you think he's all disappointed, but then reveals to Felicity that they won. Felicity's hair is looking particularly limp in this scene, like, can't they afford to do a blowout every day? I guess it's more realistic that it would look limp, but come on. Adam and Felicity celebrate their win along with the others in the studio. Adam asks Felicity if she can be there next year to help develop the library. Felicity says that she doesn't know. She thinks about it and says that her boyfriend will be there for his fifth year of pre-med. Adam says that it's perfect, and Felicity agrees. Adam remembers that Felicity wanted to talk to him about something. Felicity hems and haws for a minute before bringing up the kiss. Adam says that it wasn't good. Felicity says that it can't happen again. Adam agrees, and says, "Ixnay on the isskay." Is he supposed to be slow or something? Adam and Felicity laugh nervously.

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