Raising Arizona

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Raising Arizona

Noel and Zoe eat lunch in a restaurant and discuss possibly going to Cape Cod for the weekend. Suddenly, Zoe sees a woman walk in and dives under the table. Noel, who has his back to the door, has no idea what's going on, so he dives under the table to ask. Zoe explains that Pauline, one of their co-workers, just walked in. Noel wonders if they are fighting. Pauline is clearly the office busybody because she has flippy hair. All office busybodies do. Anyway, Pauline marches right up to the table and asks Zoe and Noel what they are doing. Zoe says that they are discussing "the Brooker account." Pauline wonders why they are lying down in their seats. Zoe says that Noel got dizzy. Pauline offers to call somebody, but Noel says that it happens from time to time and it'll pass. Pauline tells him to feel better and says that she'll see them at work. She walks away. Zoe and Noel sit back up. Noel asks what that was all about. Zoe says that she doesn't want anyone at work finding out about them, and that Pauline is "a total rat" who will go straight to Mr. Webb. Noel realizes how secret Zoe wants their relationship to be. Noel says that he knows Mr. Webb doesn't like him, but he thinks that they should talk about it. Zoe doesn't want to talk. She just wants to leave. She's a little bit crazy, I think. What's her problem? Also, she looks like Mandy Moore. Noel follows her out.

Professor Snark finishes up a lecture on some science stuff that I don't understand, and encourages the students to ask questions. Class ends. Professor Snark notices Ben staring at him and asks if Ben has a question. Ben says that it's not about the lecture; he was wondering if Snark has any information on pre-med programs in Arizona. Snark thought Ben was staying in New York. Ben says that he probably is, but he's looking into Arizona. Snark reveals that he does know someone on the admission committee at the University of Arizona, but that it's probably too late to get in for the fall. Snark offers to call and find out. Ben appreciates that.

Meghan stands in front of acting class and flatly reads the part of the Herdsman in Sophocles's Oedipus. Javier is, of course, playing Oedipus, and it's the big eye-gouging scene. Javier plays it for all it is worth, while Meghan stands there and rolls her eyes. The class applauds. After class, Javier asks Meghan to "give it a little more oomph" so that he has something to work with. Javier tells Meghan that she has to give in order to get. Meghan doesn't care about acting. As they start to walk out, a guy named Paul walks up and introduces himself. Javier says that he's not really interested in dating right now. Paul claims to be a director. Meghan laughs and says that it's a nice try, but Javier already said that he's not interested. Paul continues, saying that he directs commercials, and he really enjoyed Javier's performance. Javier is flattered. Paul says that Javier would be perfect for a mattress commercial, and asks if Javier would be interested. Javier replies, "Interested? Does Rolaids spell relief?" Meghan still thinks it's all a scam. Paul says that he's interested in Meghan, too, because she has "a real attitude thing going on." Meghan says that she does have an attitude, and that attitude says no. Paul tells her that it pays $3000, and Meghan gets interested real quickly. Javier wonders what happened to his chances. Paul says that they would both try out, unless that's a problem. Meghan smarms that it's not a problem for her. Paul gives them the script and tells them that he will see them the next day.

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