Raising Arizona

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Raising Arizona

Ben and Trevor walk down the street. Ben apparently just told Trevor about Felicity and Noel, and Trevor thinks that Noel doesn't waste any time. Ben wonders what Trevor is talking about. Trevor says that Ben and Felicity are trying to deal with stuff and Noel is moving right in. Ben protests that Noel doesn't even know about Lauren. Trevor says that Noel doesn't have to because "guys like that can sense it." Ben doesn't think there's anything going on. Trevor thinks it sounds a lot like "Making Out on the Rooftop Two." Ben, increasingly frustrated, says that it's just a walking tour. Trevor asks what a walking tour is, anyway. Ben yells, "I don't know! But it's fine!" Trevor is still doubtful. So really, all the bad things that happen in this episode are stupid Trevor's fault. I knew I didn't like that guy.

Felicity arrives at the loft to pick up Noel for the walking tour. First, she reveals that Adam's design won the competition. Noel thinks that it's "amazing." Felicity gives her second bit of news -- that Adam asked her to work with him, so she "might actually have a job next year!" Wait, did he offer her a regular job-type job? I thought he was just saying that she could help out on a volunteer basis, or for credit or something. Either way, it's a great opportunity, if that's what she wants to do. Noel suddenly remembers that Professor Snark called and left a message for Ben. Noel recalls, "[Snark] needs to talk to Ben today about some pre-med program in Arizona." Felicity is confused about the Arizona part. Noel figured that she would know what it's about. Felicity doesn't. Just then, Ben walks in and ask if they are going on the walking tour. The way he says "walking tour" is pretty funny, actually. Noel says that they were just about to leave. Ben sullenly says that he's going to study. Felicity waits for a moment and says she'll be right back. Noel shrugs and resignedly takes off his coat.

Felicity walks into Ben's room and asks, faux-nonchalantly, "So, what's in Arizona?" Ben is surprised and whips around to look at her. Felicity explains that Noel gave her the message from Professor Snark. Ben is irrationally angry at Noel (get used to that) for giving the message to Felicity instead of him. Felicity says that it doesn't matter and asks what's going on. Ben thinks for a minute and then slams his door shut. Keri Russell has the perfect reaction shot that non-verbally communicates, "Oh, oooooookay, Mr. Big Slam the Door Man. What the fuck?" Ben confesses that Lauren is moving to Arizona. Felicity is stunned, and asks Ben if he is moving. Ben says that he doesn't know. Felicity asks when he was going to tell her. Ben says that he just found out that morning. Felicity points out that he already told his professor. Ben says that Snark is looking into possibilities for him. Felicity asks if there is a possibility that he'll be moving. Ben repeats that they'll figure it out and it'll be okay. Felicity says that he keeps saying that, but suddenly, he might be moving to Arizona. Ben sits on his bed, overwhelmed, and says that he wishes that Noel would mind his own business. Felicity points out correctly that this has nothing to do with Noel, and everything to do with the two of them. Felicity sits down and tells Ben that Adam won the competition and wants her to stay in New York and work with him. Ben says that's great. Felicity says that it's not great if Ben is going to be in Arizona. Felicity says that they have to talk about what's going to happen after graduation. Ben doesn't know. Felicity asks if they are even going to be together and Ben yells, "I said I don't know! I'm trying to figure it out! I don't have all the answers right now, okay?" Felicity looks at him in disbelief, says "okay," and walks out. Ben sits there for a minute, and then walks to his door just in time to see Felicity leaving with Noel.

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