Raising Arizona

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Raising Arizona

The meeting at Webb Graphics comes to an end. Zoe asks Sean what happened to Noel, and Sean makes an excuse. Zoe asks if Noel is all right. Sean says that he is, and Zoe starts to walk out. Sean catches up to her and says that he knows it's none of his business, but he's a buttinski. Well, he doesn't say that last part. He says that Noel is "one of the best guys [he's] ever met." Zoe knows this. Sean is confused, because Noel said that Zoe called things off. Zoe says that it's complicated. Sean asks if it's about her father. Zoe says she doesn't want to talk about it and starts to rush off. The way she tries to run out of the room when anyone mentions her father made me think that he wasn't really her father; he was her lover. Sometimes I think I should write soap operas. Sean stops her and says that if she lets Noel go, she will always be sorry. Ah, tertiary character praise. It's like Tori Spelling all over again. Maybe Jennifer Garner had a little talk with J.J. Abrams and said that her husband was looking like a sad sack and he had better be redeemed before the show ended so that he could get work. At least that's what happened in my imagination.

Felicity knocks on the door at the loft. Noel answers. Felicity determines that Ben isn't there, and says that she wanted to get a few of her things. Noel lets her in and asks if she's okay. Felicity doesn't know. Noel asks whether Ben really thinks that there's something going on between Felicity and Noel. Felicity doesn't think that Ben can get past what happened. Of course, Ben walks in. Noel says hello, and Ben doesn't respond. Felicity explains that she's just picking up some stuff. Ben remains silent and starts walking to his room. Noel actually acts like the only adult in the room and says that the whole thing is ridiculous, and asks to talk to Ben, who refuses. Felicity tells Noel that he doesn't have to say anything. Noel yells out that there's nothing going on between him and Felicity, and that if Ben thinks that there is, Ben is wrong. Ben turns. Noel says, "God! She loves you. She loves you! [pause] Not me." No one says a word. Finally, Noel says that he has enough relationship problems of his own, and that he doesn't need to be a part of theirs. Noel reminds Ben and Felicity that they love each other, and that they should be together. He begs them to work it out, and then walks off. Ben and Felicity both just stare at the ground. I guess it's kind of fitting that since Noel had a part in destroying Ben and Felicity's relationship that he should have a part in restoring it. And thus, the redemption of Noel.

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