Running Mates

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Running Mates

Julie and Elena are mixing up spackle compound or maybe it is a new brand of makeup, at Elena and Knoll's apartment. Julie says that there are always so many pranks pulled during elections that "the campus police don't even bother to respond half the time." À propos of nothing, Elena says, "What do you think of going to the top of the Empire State Building?" Julie claims that she's already been up there and "it wasn't that exciting." A perturbed Elena explains that she was talking about going with Tracy. Julie emits a Valley Girlesque, "Oh." Elena ponders whether going up the Empire State Building is "campy touristy or stupid touristy." Julie doesn't answer the question but she suggests that Elena make a lobster dinner at the apartment. Elena asks, "Are you paying for the lobsters?" Julie ignores the comment and says that a dinner at the apartment would be "so romantic." Elena describes the great date she had with Tracy on Tuesday and how she was conflicted about asking him up to her place afterward and how he didn't really push for an invitation. Julie tells her that she's "over-thinking it." Elena wails, "Oh god, I'm starting to act like Felicity all of a sudden." Hey, don't cut your hair off, Elena! Julie thinks that Tracy respects Elena and doesn't understand why this is a problem for Elena. Elena shows a big stockpot to Julie and asks if it is big enough to hold two lobsters. Julie declares that it's perfect. Elena's next question is about how to get rid of Knoll for the evening. Julie offers to "take care of Knoll." If you're going to take care of Knoll, please do it Sopranos-style. Elena is thrilled and tells Julie that she "owe[s] [her] big." Julie just looks wistful. Or constipated. Either one.

We get a close-up of one of Felicity's posters which is stuck to the side of a pop machine. So much for my "official campaign sites" theory. Someone has drawn on a beret, glasses, a moustache, a goatee, and darkened her eyebrows, which is pretty funny. Ben comes to the machine to get a pop and when he notices the poster, he rips it down and puts it in the garbage. In a room adjacent to the pop machine, André says to Keith Fannin, "Hey, if you're gonna hang my candidate in effigy, at least make it look like him." Keith says, "C'mon, it was pretty good for someone with no artistic talent," and walks away. Ben goes up to André and says, "Hey, it's the graffiti artist, right?" to which André replies, "Do I know you?" Ben informs him that he was the guy chasing him the other day. André doesn't know what Ben is talking about. When Ben elaborates, André denies any knowledge of the vandalism. Greg arrives and asks what's going on. Ben explains that he saw André ruining Felicity's posters. Greg says that he's already told Felicity that André wasn't responsible. This week's pissing match begins when Greg says, "So what are you suggesting, that I had him run around and vandalize my girlfriend's campaign posters?" Ben counters with, "Girlfriend? No, I don't think so. I don't think it's your girlfriend." Greg says, "Yeah, my girlfriend. What, are you jealous? You jealous?" Ben looks at him sort of balefully, then turns and walks away without any further pissing. Scott Speedman really did convey the right amount of hurt and jealousy in his expression in this scene. Go, Speedy.

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