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Running Mates

Ben arrives at Richard's door, all out of breath. Richard asks, "What's up?" Ben says, "I want some information on Greg Stenson." Richard glances around then says, "You've come to the right place," and leads Ben into his room. Shouldn't he have said, I've got some information about Greg Stenson? I listened to it a few times and he definitely says want.

Knoll has Felicity's poster up on the screen of his iMac and all he is doing is increasing the view size. I've already complained earlier this season that a real graphic designer would not use an iMac, you can't even see an actual full page on it. Anyway, there's a knock at the door and it turns out to be Ruby. Knoll ushers her in and asks how it went when she told her parents that she is pregnant. Her mother was "furious" and wouldn't talk to her for two days and her dad was "cool" about it but hit the bottle, which is not what she expected. Knoll asks if she's told the father of the baby yet. She hasn't and she doesn't plan to do so. The father's name is Wade, which Knoll repeats, like it was a dumb name. Hey Knoll, at least Wade's name is correctly pronounced by most people, unlike your own. Ruby announces that she is not calling him because she barely even knows him. That appears to sting Knoll a bit, or maybe that's this week's bit of Knoll's flatulence sniffing. Ruby goes on to say that she missed Knoll, which jolts him out of his toot inhalation. They both smile weakly. Maybe Ruby smells it now.

Felicity, Julie, and Leelah walk into Felicity's dorm room and Felicity immediately notices that her posters are gone. Julie asks, "Who do you think would do this?" Felicity looks thoughtful.

At the Health Centre, Felicity says to Greg, "It's one thing to steal someone's posters, it's another to break into someone's room. Meghan said she saw a guy who looks like André leaving our room with my stuff." Greg condescendingly says, "Didn't you say that Meghan practices witchcraft?" Arrggghhh! I hope that Greg is not planning to be a gynecologist or even having any female patients. His patronizing "it's all in your female head and your female opinion is not to be trusted" rhetoric is all too common in medicine today. Dude, you belong in the morgue, where you don't have to have contact with living people. What more proof of his jerkassity does Felicity need? For god's sack! Greg whines, "I feel like I'm dealing with two people here. Felicity the candidate and Felicity the person. It's hard to reconcile." That's right, cover up your duplicity by accusing her of having multiple personalities. That sounds fair. Felicity says, "So talk to the candidate, what would you say if I were Richard or Carol?" True to bastard form, Greg says, "I'd tell you get over it, just move on, because that's, that's the way the campaign is." Felicity is visibly shaken by this comment, but she stands there without saying or doing anything. Greg continues, "You know, I care for you, so I'm not going to say that." Too late, Greg, you did already say it, in your own passive-aggressive, loathsome way. Dr. Schweitzer tells her that he's sorry about everything that is happening but he's known André for years and while André "may have screwed around" with other's people posters, he told André to stay away from her stuff. Was that before or after you stood beside him while he turned her poster around? What a big fat liar. That is so unlike a coke addict, isn't it? Felicity says, "So, you trust him over me?" Naturally, Greg avoids the question and turns it back on her and says, "Well, you trust Ben over me." Y'know, it's no secret that Knoll bugs me, but I don't think I've ever hated Knoll as much as I hate Greg right now. He suggests that until the election is over, "it is every man for himself." Greg leers at Felicity and she looks at him quizzically after he walks away.

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