Running Mates

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Running Mates

Felicity is out on the street, wearing her Bad Idea jeans and her voice-over says, "So I talked it about with Ben and we decided if André was going to break into my room, we were going to break into André's, because fair is fair. We just needed a little technical help." The technical help to which she is referring is Sean's arsenal of listening devices, lock-picking sets, night-vision goggles and cellphone scanners. It seems that he used to be really into "spy gear." Knoll agrees with me that breaking into André's room isn't a great idea because Ben and Felicity aren't so good at breaking and entering. He thinks it will lead to "paying off hitmen and fishing hookers out of the Hudson." I don't think things will escalate quite like that, but I do think that breaking the law in order to win an election, is a bad idea. Call me a hopelessly naïve Canadian, but that's what I believe. Felicity rationalizes her illegal activity with her same old excuse, which is that everyone else is doing it, which turns out to be good enough reasoning for Knoll. Way to hang tight with those principles, dude.

Ben shows up at Richard's door again, and Richard, eating pizza, says, "I love this, what are you, like my Deep Throat?" Whoa, people call Richard "Dick," he's involved in dirty politics, he mentions Woodward and Bernstein's informant, all we need is Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst to complete the picture. Gee, could this be an election year in the US? Ben is there to tell Richard what he told him about Greg. But Ben is too late because Richard's minions have already printed and distributed a flyer about it. Ben sighs in frustration and Richard tells him that "you don't give a rat to snake then ask for it back the next day." Ben says, "What? What does that mean?" Richard answers, "Exactly."

It's romantic dinnertime for Tracy and Elena, over at her apartment. They have adjourned to the sofa for some post-prandial getting' busy. In the midst of their loud kissing, Tracy gets up and announces that he has to "split." Elena is more than surprised at this development. Tracy says that he's promised to get up early and help Carol Nanning put up campaign posters. Elena is not buying this excuse and states that she thought he was voting for Felicity. Tracy's mouth hangs open and he can't come up anything else to say except to thank her for dinner. He promises to call her the next day but he can't even make that sound convincing. After he leaves, Elena says, "What?"

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