Running Mates

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Running Mates

Julie and Knoll are out on the street having an intellectual meeting of the minds, discussing whether they prefer sugary or salty snacks. Well, they're both salt in my wounds. Knoll divulges Ruby's personal business to Julie and mentions that Ruby's parents want her to call the baby's father. Julie starts to whine about birth parents and the right of Ruby's child to know whom his or her father is. Whatever. Julie insists that Ruby has to tell the father of her child about the baby so that when the baby is grown up, she or he won't have to "suffer the terrible, terrible burden" that she, Julie, has had to bear. Why these two lunkheads are even discussing something that is so not any of their business, is beyond me. Julie, the world doesn't owe you anything because your birth mother put you up for adoption so that a nice couple could raise you. Deal!

Tracy is following Elena up the stairs at school while she is counting to ten so that she'll calm down before speaking to him. Tracy wants to discuss things at another time and in another place. Elena accuses him of sleeping with Carol, which Tracy denies. He tells her that they'll discuss it later because they both "have class." Elena retorts, "At least one of us does." WTF? Who is writing Elena's dialogue these days?

Ben and Felicity are struggling to pick the lock on André's and they eventually open it. Felicity picks that time to remember the community service they were sentenced to after their last break-in. Ben promises that they're "not going to get busted for this, this is retribution." They enter André's room and start snooping around under the beds and in the closet. Ben finds boxes of posters and buttons for every candidate in the election. Suddenly, André's shorts-clad legs enter the room to pick up something. He doesn't see Ben and Felicity because they are hiding under the bed.

Felicity arrives at the Health Centre to tell Greg that she broke into André's room and found the campaign materials. Greg doesn't really care because he's got a copy of the poster Richard's team created to reveal Greg's criminal record. Felicity swears that she was not the one who spilled the beans. Greg accuses Ben of doing it, but Felicity is adamant that he is not responsible. They argue about it until Greg stomps away.

At the apartment, Tracy explains to Elena that the reason he left abruptly the other night was because he thought that "something would have happened" had he stayed. Elena points out that "something was happening." Tracy confesses that he is a virgin and he intends to remain one, until he gets married. Elena asks him if he is joking and he assures her that it was the way he was brought up because his parents "are very religious." Elena reminds him that his parents weren't married when he was born and he says that they don't want that to happen to him. Elena argues that by using contraceptives, "sex doesn't have to equal marriage," besides, she doesn't know "anyone who is waiting until they [sic] get married." Now she's using Felicity's "everybody else is doing it" logic. Elena gasps, "Wow, that's a lot to think about." Tracy advises her to take her time then he kisses her and leaves. I found Elena's arguments against remaining a virgin to be really offensive. She would flip if a guy questioned her morals and values.

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