Running Mates

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Running Mates

There's a party going on at Epstein Bar and Felicity's voice-over says, "If what happened to Greg at that debate, happened to me, I would have transferred to a different college, but he was really brave. He was able to put that whole thing behind him and not even dwell on it." Oh, puh-leeze. Whatever, Felicity. A young woman, who is the outgoing president, steps up to the mike to announce the election results. Why are they being announced at a bar? Anyway, there's a tie. Richard and Carol will be the new co-presidents. Richard, gracious to a fault, says, "A tie? This was supposed to be a victory party. That was the point, I was going to rub it in everybody's faces." Felicity asks Greg how they're supposed to act like "good losers." Well, Greg is an expert on being a loser but I don't think he's good at anything. He asks if she will go anyway with him for the weekend and she says they should start with having dinner in town, first. Knoll and Julie are at a table and he tells her that Ruby is going to call Wade. Julie thinks "that's great." Knoll tells her that her advice was "really wise." Julie admits that no one has ever called her wise before. Consider the source, Julie. You two buttinskis wouldn't know from wisdom if it came up and clunked your heads together. Felicity comes by the table and asks them if they've seen Ben. Julie tells her that he isn't feeling well.

Tracy is playing pinball in the bar when Elena approaches him to tell him that they can only be friends. Tracy repeats the word "friends" endlessly while kissing her in a more than friendly way.

Richard is holding forth on the secret of his success. He explains to Felicity that it was his Free Pizza Fridays slogan and Ben that put him over the top. Felicity can't imagine what Ben had to do with it and Richard tells her that Ben was his informer. Felicity gets up and tells Greg that she will go away with him, after all. Greg wonders what has precipitated her change of heart and she just says that they both need a vacation. They decide to leave the next morning.

When the new day dawns, Ben is knocking on Felicity's dorm room door. She isn't there but Meghan is and she tells him that Felicity has gone away with Greg. She complains about wearing the straw hat and Felicity getting Greg. Ben begs to know where they have gone. Meghan says that "they've gone to some stupid bed and breakfast up in Rhinebeck. Makes me want to puke." Me too, Meghan.

Felicity and Greg are in the car, on their way, when she tells him that Ben was the informer. Greg tells her to forget about Ben and to concentrate on having a good weekend. She agrees and relaxes into her seat.

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