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I feel kind of silly opening every first-season recap with the phrase, "Felicity is making a tape for Sally." But I guess if you are reading these having never watched these episodes, you wouldn't know that.

Felicity is making a tape for Sally. FVO says something about not blaming New York, but something weird happened the other day that was "totally New York." Felicity and Ben walk up the stairs from the subway, discussing different subway lines. FVO says that she and Ben only hung out when she was helping him with assignments, and that they never had actual conversations. Ben asks about Felicity's job in the admissions office; Felicity says that she needs to get a second job for the money, and that she has an interview at Dean & Deluca. Ben is encouraging, even though he's never been there. As they walk into Ben's loft, FVO says that she wanted to help Ben, but that she was frustrated that "things weren't getting to the next level...deepening." As they walk into the loft, the camera goes handheld and it's bobbing all over the place. Is this part of the docuventary? Suddenly, a guy with a gun grabs Ben, and another grabs Felicity, telling her not to turn around. Ben and Felicity are knocked face-first to the floor and held there at gunpoint. Felicity gets quick glances at some of the perpetrators. One of them rips her necklace off, and when Ben looks up to see what happened, he gets a kick in the head. He seems to be unconscious. Felicity calls out his name and watches the criminals' feet leave the loft.

Felicity and Ben sit on a couch in the loft as a bunch of detectives walk around taking pictures and gathering evidence. Man, there are, like, ten cops there. Now that's service! The lead detective needs them to come down to the precinct and look through some sketches and mug shots. Felicity says that she can go the next morning, and Ben agrees to go then, too. The detective asks Ben whether he needs to see a doctor, but Ben says that he only has a bruise. The detective offers to give Felicity a ride back to the dorm. Felicity looks at Ben to see if he wants her to stick around. Ben tells her to go ahead, so she stands up to leave, and then offers to call Ben later so that they can go over the assignment. Ben distractedly agrees. Felicity grabs her bag and walks out.

Meghan, Julie, Knoll, and Elena discuss the various rumors they have heard about the crime. How do they know about this already? Didn't it happen just moments ago? I guess Meghan might have gotten a phone call from the police, but then she says that she found out when some guy in the mailroom congratulated her on having the biggest single on campus. Meghan also shares that she heard shots were fired. Everyone is upset. Knoll says that he'll go to the loft, but that someone should stick around in case Felicity gets back. The phone rings, and Julie runs to answer it. It's Felicity's dad. Julie doesn't quite know what to say to him, except that Felicity's not there, so she thrusts the phone at Knoll, who is wearing a really ugly sweater. Knoll shoots the shit with Mr. Porter, trying to keep the tone light, and failing miserably. Elena accuses Meghan of checking out Felicity's side of the room already, which Meghan denies. Knoll tells Mr. Porter that Felicity isn't there as Julie mouths to him, "Don't say anything." Yeah, I think he's got that under control, Julie. Just then, Felicity walks in. Knoll totally hangs up on Mr. Porter as they all rush over to her. Felicity says that no one was shot and that she and Ben are okay. Elena tells Meghan that she looks disappointed. The phone rings, and Knoll realizes that he just hung up on Mr. Porter. Felicity answers the phone and tells her father that there are a lot of people in her room, and asks him to hold on. She turns around and tells everyone that she's really fine, and they leave.

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