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You know this is going to be a good episode, because it starts with Javier. Felicity and Javier are talking at Dean & Deluca. Javier recounts a conversation he had with his mother, during which he told her, "If Nono's going to be there for Thanksgiving, count me out." Felicity encourages him, and Javier adds that his mother told him she would clear out a space for Nono by the garbage. Felicity looks confused and asks whether Nono is a dog. Javier gets distracted by something a worker is doing wrong, and walks off without answering. Felicity stares after him, confused.

As Felicity continues to watch Javier, FVO begins a letter to Sally. FVO had Thanksgiving all figured out -- Thursday would be the big dinner, Friday night she would go to see her Uncle Harvey, and try to put up with her parents all weekend with as much grace as possible. Ah, Thanksgiving during your first year of college. The weekend that everyone breaks up with his or her hometown sweetie. Then, over the winter break, they all get back together. Then break up again before Valentine's Day. It's a tradition. Anyway, FVO says that her life never goes as planned. Whose does?

Julie walks up to the counter and says hello. With a sad face, like, "Sorry about the Krakow situation," Felicity asks how Julie's doing. Julie chuckles and says that everyone keeps asking her that; she tells Felicity that she only needs to ask whether Julie is about to burst into tears. Julie places an order, and then comments that it's weird to order from Felicity, who adds that it'll be even weirder when Julie has to give her a tip. Felicity asks Julie whether she's started packing yet, and Julie confesses that she's staying at school. Julie rambles off a bunch of reasons why she's staying, but Felicity thinks that she'll get lonely. Julie points out that Knoll will be there, and that she talked to Knoll earlier, and found out that Hannah is coming, too. Felicity is in the process of steaming the milk when Julie drops that bomb, and Felicity nearly loses control of the cup. Felicity tries to ask about Hannah in a nonchalant way. Julie says that Hannah isn't coming until after everyone else leaves, and promises to give Felicity "a full report." Felicity hands Julie her drink without saying a word.

Knoll is leaving his dorm room, and backs right into that guy who played Gerhardt in 28 Days. At least it looks like that guy, but it's not listed on his IMDb page. Regardless, he is playing a weirdo character named Lewis, one of Knoll's advisees, and he came to say goodbye to Knoll. After making a dramatic speech about leaving the dorms, Lewis gives Knoll a big hug. Knoll awkwardly pats Lewis's back, and then says that he'll see Lewis in five days.

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