The Anti-Natalie Intervention

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The Anti-Natalie Intervention

Knoll is at his apartment, packing, when Gnatalie comes in with a pizza. She offers him some, and he refuses it. He tells her that he's going to stay at the loft, and that he'll take care of the annulment details. She asks about his eye, and he mentions that Javier's wedding present came in handy. Gnatalie starts baby-talking and caressing Knoll until he breaks down and returns her affection. They kiss noisily, and she says, "You'll always be my first husband, Leon." Knoll moans, "Oh, God," and they drop onto the bed.

Elena is brushing her teeth in the bathroom when Towel Boy and Julie walk out of Julie's bedroom. TB and Julie kiss, and he says he'll call her later. When he's gone, Elena says, "Wow, what a buffer." Julie snipes, "I don't need your attitude right now, okay?" Elena stares at Julie's retreating back and then spits into the sink. A common reaction whenever Julie leaves a room. Do they make rat traps large enough to catch Julie?

At Epstein Bar, Ben is drinking a beer, and Felicity is sitting with him at the bar. They're waiting for Ben's dad to pick them up for the baseball game, which is about to start in twenty minutes. They eventually move to a booth, and they both gamely keep up the pretense that Ben's father hasn't ditched them for a bender. Various people come and go, and Ben and Felicity eat chips at the table. Ben notices that it is 9:12 PM, and he gets up to leave. Felicity leaves some money on the table and rushes out after Ben. She catches up with him and asks if he is okay. He launches into a rant about promising himself he would never wait for Jack again. Felicity says this time is different because Ben has her to help him get through it. They turn and walk down the street, arm in arm.

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