The Anti-Natalie Intervention

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The Anti-Natalie Intervention

Martha Stewart sails to a K-Mart white sale. Geddit? Her towels come in fifty-one different colours. Perhaps Towel Boy could model all of them for us. Hyundai claims to have cars that are effortless to own. What, do they drive themselves? Racecar driver Darrell Waltrip shills for Wendy's. Do you know why they call it NASCAR? Cuz them cars shore are nass. Covergirl commercial with girl group Cleopatra. A particularly phallic cactus inspires a model to style her into spikes with Salon Selectives hair spray. Talk about a dickhead. According to the WB, critics adore the Gilmore Girls.

Felicity pounds on Knoll's apartment door and begs him to answer it. He finally relents and opens it. She apologizes for the intervention and for letting him down and for "being presumptuous, immature, and insulting to [him] and Gnatalie." Knoll agrees with her assessment. Felicity's sincerity is somewhat diminished by her Pebbles Flintstone hairdo as she mentions that he is so different from the guy she used to date. She talks about a four-year plan that he had outlined for his life, contained in a notebook, which used to be very important to him. Knoll claims that he has changed, and Felicity says that she realizes that. She also tells him that after he left, the gang decided that they want to celebrate his marriage to Gnatalie and have a dinner to get to know her. Knoll agrees to the dinner.

A bearded and bespectacled Jack Tripper is sitting at a bistro table, reading a menu. Ben enters the restaurant, looks around, sees Jack, and just stands there until Jack notices him. Ben walks over to the table and Jack stands, removes his glasses, shakes hands with Ben, and they both sit down. Jack tells Ben that he looks good and expresses surprise that Ben's hair is short. Ben says that it's been that way for a while. Jack hands Ben a menu and he begins to read it.

At the dorm apartment, Tracy gets a can of Diet Coke out of the fridge and dances around while discussing a mathematical equation with Elena. They disagree about the answer. The doorbell rings, and when Elena goes to answer it, she tells Tracy to look up the answer. It's Towel Boy at the door, which visibly shakes Elena. TB asks if he can come in, and she says that he can't because she's studying. He doesn't really seem to notice her discomfort and asks her out for dinner. Tracy yells from the kitchen, something like, "T equals velocity squared, baby," to which she shouts back, "That's right!" Tracy bellows back, "I know." Elena whispers to TB that it was her study partner who was yelling in the background. She makes a date to have lunch with him the next day.

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