The Anti-Natalie Intervention

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The Anti-Natalie Intervention

Bedroom furniture is on sale at Pier 1, at all of their locations, even the Pier 1 on Pier 17. Kodak advocates that young girls should burst into someone's home and take a photo of a young man in his underwear with the Kodak Max disposable camera. Their slogan is "Grab one and hold on." Charming. Aw, there's a cute in a Purina commercial. Supermodels wear Revlon lipstick. V8 Splash can't be used to pick up women. What's this, a 1-800-COLLECT commercial without David Arquette? Nonetheless, it is still annoying. Grosse Pointe commercial.

Ben arrives at the dorm apartment with the CD his father gave him. He invites Felicity to join him and his father in "really great seats behind home plate" at the Yankees game that night. Felicity declares that she'd love to go.

Docuventary clip: Felicity explains that Knoll's "break-up attempt with Gnatalie didn't go so well." He's "freaking out" according to Felicity, and he wants to get a lawyer, which she mentioned to Elena.

Docuventary clip: Elena says that she told Knoll she knows someone in pre-law.

Towel Boy tells Knoll, and Julie, Elena, Felicity, and Sean, that the best thing would be for Knoll and Gnatalie to agree to an annulment. Knoll points to his blackened eye and shouts, "Does it look like this is a woman who is capable of having an agreement?" TB suggests a no-fault divorce to which Knoll flares up again and yells that it was Gnatalie's fault. Knoll raves about a plate he and Gnatalie purchased together when TB asks him about joint property they own. Felicity advises that Knoll should calm down but, of course, he can't really calm down. TB has to leave for class, and Elena walks him out. Sean offers Knoll a place to live, with "the first night free."

Docuventary clip: Elena explains to Sean that Julie was supposed to be her buffer while they hung out with Towel Boy in Elena's room.

Cut to Elena's room, where Julie is leaving and Elena is freaking out because of it. Elena thanks TB for talking to Knoll. They sit on the bed and begin to make out until Tracy's photo mysteriously falls onto the floor. Elena starts exclaiming, "Omigod," and she picks up the framed picture, which she shows to TB and tells him that it is a photo of her boyfriend. TB reminds her that she said she didn't have a boyfriend. She says that she lied and she apologizes. She runs out of the room.

Elena runs to a classroom where Tracy is sitting inside. She raps on the door to get his attention. He comes out into the hall, and she giddily tells him that she now believes in God. He is surprised but accepts it, and she tells him to go back to class, then runs off.

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