The Aretha Theory

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The Aretha Theory

Previously on Felicity: There's a flood in the dorm; the whole gang ends up staying at the loft; Ben interrupts Felicity and Greg's date and ends up getting punched in the face for his trouble.

This week's episode picks up where it left off in the last episode. Felicity has just left Ben on the floor of Epstein Bar and has chased Greg out into the street. She starts apologizing for Ben and rambling about how she can't believe that he crashed their date. Greg stops her blathering by planting a deep kiss on her. After they break away, he looks into her eyes and says, "This isn't going to work." She whinges, "Greg, Greg." He accuses her of going out with him only because he is not Ben, which he thinks is "unfair." This is the same Greg who thought it was fair to sabotage his girlfriend's election campaign so I don't think he has a firm grasp on the meaning of the word. Felicity claims that she is completely over Ben but Greg doesn't believe her and he suggests that it is obvious that both she and Ben want each other. Greg walks away, leaving Felicity standing on the street, with her mouth hanging open.

At Dean & Deluca, Javier asks Ben for a favour, which has to do with Samuel and which is a big surprise. Javier notices Ben's unkempt appearance and asks what is wrong with his hair. Ben tells him about crashing Felicity's date and getting decked by Greg. Javier's reaction is classic, he says, "That is so romantic. Oh, let me give you one big promise. You on the floor is not the final chapter to this luscious story." Ben reminds him that he was about to ask for a favour. Javier says, "Please forgive to me if start to cry right now, but I'm thinking of asking Samuel to marry me." Ben says, "Wow." Javier tells Ben that he wants him to help pick put a ring. Ben and I are both very surprised. Ben is sweet but dumb and not the ideal candidate to help with ring shopping. However, Javier thinks otherwise and says to Ben, "You getting punched in the face and me buying a ring, romance is really in the air, is it not?" Ben just smiles weakly.

Felicity, Julie, and Elena are at the loft, pumping up air mattresses using those weird cylinder pumps that I thought were only used for blowing up balloons. The way the pumps are positioned and are being used, suggests a rather more lewd activity than inflating air mattresses. After Elena asks, Felicity tells the other two about her date the night before. She divulges that Greg dumped her but that she's not even thinking about it. Julie asks, "How can you get dumped and not even think about it?" They continue pumping and Elena tells them that Tracy is a virgin who wants to wait until he gets married to have sex and she ends her tale by saying, "Top that." Julie tells them about Sean's declaration of love. Elena asks Julie if she likes Sean but Julie says she doesn't know. They all resume their pumping with a resigned air because it looks like they'll be pumping their own mattresses for a while to come. If you know what I mean.

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