The Aretha Theory

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The Aretha Theory

Knoll is closing the door to a classroom when Ruby runs up, apologizing for oversleeping and missing the class. Knoll says that all she missed was his "breathtaking summary of Camus' theory of the absurd." That, I would pay to hear. Ruby asks if she can get a summary of the summary some time. Knoll wastes no time beginning his daily prying into Ruby's life and asks how it went with Wade since he knows they were out late. She says it was okay and that they spent the entire time "at the Empire Diner, totally catching up." Knoll advises her that if she wants "to invite him over to the loft tonight, [she] should feel totally comfortable doing that." Ruby thanks him but claims she would prefer to stay in and relax with a movie. She invites him to join her and he accepts. How nice of Knoll to encourage her to invite guests over to a place that they're both guests at and how nice of Ruby to unilaterally decide that she's going to commandeer the television and VCR to watch a movie. Houseguests and fish really do start to stink after three days.

Elena arrives at her apartment and Tracy meets her at the door. He is dressed in his working clothes and gas mask and he is reluctant to let her in. He offers to go in and get whatever she wants but she insists upon going in herself. He asks her not to get mad before she enters. She goes in and freaks out at the mess. Vincent keeps repeating, "I'm okay, it's all good." Elena yells out, "Tracy is a dead man!"

Felicity and Ben bump into each other when she is returning to the loft and he is leaving it. They exchange heys and he heads off down the hall. Felicity calls after him and asks to talk to him "for a second." She tells him that she shouldn't have left him on the floor the night before even if she was upset. He says that she was right about him only being interested in chasing her and that it's one of her patterns. Felicity is astounded at this revelation and while she tries to play it off, it is clear that she's stunned by it. Ben leaves.

In the bathroom, Felicity whines to Meghan that she is depressed and confused and she needs to forget about Ben. She wants Meghan to take her out. Meghan flatly refuses and Felicity persists with, "I don't know what it is you do every night or where you go, but you obviously live in this world, this whole other different world where weird, potentially exciting, distracting things happen and tonight I really need to go to that world, that weird place. Please, I'm begging you." Calling someone an oddball of the highest degree is not usually the way to convince her to do you favour, however, in this case it works and Meghan agrees. I can't tell for sure, but it looks like Meghan has a bar code tattoo on her chest. Felicity convinces Julie and Elena to join her by begging and whining. Then we get a montage of them in the bathroom getting ready and trying out various different outfits. Interestingly, the closed captioning indicates that the song playing is "Mirror in the Bathroom" but it has been replaced by something that sounds like an Apollo 417 song.

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