The Aretha Theory

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The Aretha Theory

At the loft, Knoll and Ruby are cuddled under a blanket on the sofa. Ruby says, "It's so romantic," and Knoll says, "What?" Ruby is referring to whatever schmaltzy movie they're watching which is about a couple who has been through an ordeal. They talk about the movie but they're really talking about themselves. As they move in to kiss, Sean comes home and joins them on the sofa because he really loves that movie. He gets under their blanket (even though it is probably his blanket) and starts eating their chips. When he gets settled, he says, "Is there any dip?" Yeah Sean, you're sitting beside two kinds of dip.

Javier and Ben are sitting at a table in the window of Dean & Deluca. Javier shows Ben a ring in catalogue and asks him if it is touch. Javier isn't sure that the ring is really suitable for Samuel. Ben says, "It might be a little..." Javier says, "What? Brazen? Garish? Chintzy?" Ben concurs that it might be a little chintzy and Javier agrees. He suggests that Ben look through a few of his catalogues for something for Felicity. Ben informs him that he has given up on getting together with Felicity because he is sick of making a fool of himself and sick of her turning him down. Javier says, "Benjamin, open up your squinty little eyes that are so cute, no, she turned you down, because, she, uh, it's out of fear, y'know. She loves you." Ben counters with, "Tell that to Greg." Javier informs him that Felicity and Greg have broken up, in fact that Greg dumped her, "like a sweet hot potato, a yaahm." Ben mopes for a few seconds then Javier tells him that they're going to get going. Ben asks where they're going but neither he nor we get an immediate answer.

Over at the T-Bone Club, Meghan is dancing on top of a table, while Felicity, Elena, and Julie watch. Felicity says, "How come all of a sudden, I like, worship her?" Julie raises her glass and squeals, "To Meghan's dancing!" Felicity says, "Here's to Earl!" and Elena toasts, "Here's to girls' night out!" Meghan comes back to the table to tell Felicity that Earl wants to dance with her. Felicity gets up to dance and says, "Watch and learn," before heading onto the dance floor with Earl. They jump up onto a table and do what could be loosely described as dancing.

Out in the alley, the bouncers are letting in a few people. One of them says, "Please, only two at a time, a man and a woman together." Javier and Ben push to the front of the line. Javier pleads with the bouncer to let them in but the bouncer just stares at him stonily. Ben wants to go but Javier is not ready to give up. Finally the bouncer says, "If you're a guy, you have to have a date to get in." Javier gives him the stink-eye then turns to Ben and kisses him full on the lips which leaves Ben a little gobsmacked, so to speak. He turns back to the bouncer and says, "Tuesday is our fifth month anniversary." The bouncer smirks, then lets them in. They enter the club and Ben wonders what they are doing there. Javier implores him to "keep his shoes on," and that he'll tell him in a minute. He spots Felicity and points her out to Ben. He just stands there gawking at her until Elena finally sees him and points him out to Felicity.

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