The Aretha Theory

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The Aretha Theory

Meghan, Julie, Elena, and Felicity are sitting in their booth at Epstein Bar, eating and drinking. Julie reminds Felicity that she is supposed to meet up with Ben but then Meghan reminds her that she doesn't need Ben. Felicity has one of those drunken, supposed moments of clarity, in which she decides that she doesn't need Ben. She goes to the phone and leaves Ben a long, rambling, incoherent message talking about how she doesn't need him and how she thinks they can never be together because she doesn't trust him. She tells him that she's going to move out tomorrow and ends the message with, "You and I, we can never really be," then slumps down in the phone booth.

Felicity barges into the bathroom when Meghan is washing her face. They are both really hung over and talk about the previous night. Meghan states, "When we don't need men is exactly when we should get together with them." This little nugget of wisdom causes Felicity to stop brushing her teeth and agree with Meghan. Felicity realizes that all the time she was thinking she couldn't trust Ben, it is actually herself that she couldn't trust. She remembers the message that she left for Ben and she runs out into the livingroom to delete it. Sean informs her that Ben has already heard it. He actually also reminds everyone that it is his apartment. Too little, too late, dude. Felicity freaks when she finds out that Ben played the message the night before and that he took off after and Sean hasn't seen him since. The phone rings and it is a call for Ruby, who is sleeping in the bed upstairs with Knoll. Sean takes the phone up to her and tells her it is Wade. Ruby takes the phone and walks away. Sean asks Knoll if he and Ruby slept together and Knoll says they didn't. Sean walks downstairs and Knoll smells the fart that is obviously lingering under the sheets. Sean runs into Julie coming out of the bathroom and he brings up the kiss that he gave her in last week's episode. He wonders if the "thank you" she gave him was a yes or a no. Julie says it was a maybe. Sean is happy with that answer and he thanks her and walks away.

In the hallway outside of Elena's and Knoll's apartment, Tracy apologizes to Elena for all the time it took to redecorate the apartment. Elena opens the door and is blown away by the great job he did. She mentions that she's mad she has to give the apartment up next month. Again, I have to ask why they're giving up the apartment. Tracy mumbles about not being able to rush "certain things" and while it seems they're talking about the redecorating, they're really talking about waiting to consummate their relationship. Elena thinks that "some things are really worth waiting for." They thank each other for being patient and start kissing.

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