The Aretha Theory

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The Aretha Theory

Felicity arrives at Dean & Deluca, wondering if Ben is scheduled to work. Javier lets her know that Ben has cancelled his shift. Felicity thinks that Ben probably doesn't want to work with her anymore, and that she really messed up last night. Javier says, "Can we not talk about you for one minute, and talk about me?" Well Javier, sadly the show is called Felicity and not Javier, but we all can dream. Anyway, he tells her that Samuel accepted his proposal and she congratulates him. He exclaims, "Martha Stewart wedding, here I come!" Felicity laughs then begins getting ready for her shift. Ben walks in and tells her that he spent the whole night walking around and figuring out how to show her that he has changed. He realized that the moment that things went wrong for them last fall was when he stood her up at the Bryant Park showing of Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush and he wishes he could do that moment over. He says that he's used up all of his words and he wants to make it up to her with actions. He hands Felicity a brown paper bag and she takes a film canister out of it. He asks if she knows what it is and she says, "It's a film canister." He says, "No, it's a time machine." They smile at one another.

The next thing you know, they're up on the roof of a building, presumably the loft, watching the movie on a wall, while Sarah McLachlan's "Ice Cream" plays in the background which neatly ties in with Meghan's McLilith theory from last week. The song is from Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, which is what they end up doing when they start to kiss.

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