The Biggest Deal There Is

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The Biggest Deal There Is

Thanks to everyone for reading the Felicity recaps this season. I think I can speak for Kim too, when I say that we had fun doing them even when we were plagued with e-mails advising us that Knoll's name is Noel. Thanks for your support.

Previously on Felicity: Professor Morton offers an internship to Felicity and she doesn't know whether she should take it or not; Javier plans his Martha Stewart wedding; Sean and Meghan get it on.

Felicity and Ben are rolling around on his bed. Felicity's voice-over says, "Dear Sally, Sex is a big deal." Ben huskily whispers, "Do you wanna...?" Felicity answers, "Not yet," but she continues to frolic with him. I suspect that the "deal" is about to get even bigger. Felicity continues on her tape to Sally, "That's one thing I've learned in two years of college. That's why Ben and I haven't done it yet."

Elsewhere at the loft, it is the morning after the night before for Sean and Meghan. They're in his bed and when Meghan wakes up and realizes whom she is with, she suddenly sits up and puts her hands over her face. Sean wakes with a start and says, "What?!?" Meghan gives him a stern, "Good morning," and moves to get out of bed. Sean wonders where she is going and Meghan shushes him and tells him to keep his voice down. Sean repeats, in a whisper, "Where are you going?" Meghan replies that she's getting dressed and asks him where her bra is. Sean rummages around under the covers and produces said foundation garment. He says, "I really had fun last night." Meghan asks why he keeps yelling and he insists that he's not yelling, he's just saying that he had fun. She says, "Good, whatever," and gets herself together. She says thanks, then heads downstairs just in time to run into Felicity. Felicity says, "So, you and Sean, huh?" Meghan makes Felicity swear upon pain of death that she won't tell anyone. Felicity swears, and Meghan, satisfied with her promise, says, "Sean's pretty amazing." Felicity says, "Really?" Meghan says, "Yeah, plus it's the first time I had sex on my back." Felicity says, "See, that kinda stuff, I don't really need to know." Meghan looks away and hits her forehead with her fist and says, "Dammit."

The season finale of Felicity is brought to you in part by Dr. Pepper and its annoying, seizure-inducing commercials. Amy Smart hasn't gone far because she's starring in the Road Trip trailer, about to remove her top. Next, Matt Groening sells his soul for Butterfinger. thetruth.com goes up against Big Tobacco. Have you ordered your Vapor VW yet? Go to vw.com/vapor, if you haven't already. Better yet, stick around at MBTV and read another recap.

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