The Biggest Deal There Is

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The Biggest Deal There Is

At Dean & Deluca, Javier thinks he should be having a heart attack because his heart is beating so fast. He has something to tell Samuel, but he's scared. Ben tells him to calm down and tell him what's up. He starts to, but interrupts himself to say that his cousin and Samuel are about to come through the door. Javier warns Ben that his cousin is trouble and that Ben should stay away from her. Before Ben can ask any questions, Samuel and the cousin, who is named Natalie, are at the counter. The actress playing Natalie is well known as the woman who sets off the sprinklers in the Doritos commercial. Javier introduces them and then Samuel takes him aside to say that the string quartet has cancelled. Javier tells Ben to give Natalie anything she wants. He makes a little devil horns sign behind her back, as he ushers Samuel into the back room. Natalie orders a latte and grabs a muffin and says that she "insist[s] on paying." So far, the sprinklers are inactive. She's from Texas but she is moving to New York next fall to attend grad school. Ben says, "Uh, really," and busies himself with getting her latte. She stands at the counter and seems to appreciate the view. As we all do.

In a washroom at the university, Felicity runs into Dr. Pavone. Toni Pavone congratulates Felicity on the internship as she walks into a stall. Felicity is washing her hands at a sink and she shouts that the job "fell through" and that she decided to go home for the summer. Dr. Pavone asks if Felicity is going home to spend time with her mother. Felicity admits that her dad has been home for a few weeks and she thinks they're "going to try to make it work." The good doctor asks Felicity, "You're turning down this internship to be with Ben, aren't you?" Felicity tries to play it off and says, "No," rather disingenuously. Dr. Pavone tells her that even though she didn't ask for any advice, she's going to give some regardless. Her "three cents" is, "I know you, I know Ben, I know what this internship is. Take the internship." Felicity protests that she is not turning down the opportunity out of fear of losing Ben, she just wants to spend the summer with him. Dr. Pavone says, "If you and Ben are going to work this out, and I hope you do because I love that kid, then you'll be there for each other, long after this opportunity has come and gone. That's what love is about." Felicity mumbles, "No one's ever said love." Dr. Pavone retorts, "Well, in that case, take the internship. I only give the really good advice in the bathroom." With that, she's out the door, leaving Felicity standing there, with her mouth hanging open. The voice-over says, "When she left, I felt the same way I always feel after I see Dr. Pavone. Certain she's wrong and a little resentful and then after I have some time to think about it, I finally understand. This time was no different." During the voice-over Felicity has walked in slow-motion to Dean & Deluca. She's standing outside, looking in the window, watching Ben and Natalie, sitting at a table, laughing and talking. Felicity has her mouth hanging open again. I don't know how she can make anything out of Ben talking to someone, but she apparently can. It's not like Dean & Deluca's or Ben's sprinklers are going off.

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